Kjell Karlsen Big Band ‎– Come Dance With Us
Polydor ‎– 2922 032, LP Norway 1978 EX+/VG-* 80kr Jazz, Funk / Soul Disco

Paris Connection ‎– Paris Connection
Arrival Records ‎– DS 4030, LP Scandinavia 1978 VG+/VG 40kr Disco

Ralph MacDonald ‎– Counterpoint
Marlin ‎– MARLIN 2229, LP US 1979 EX/VG+* in shrink 60kr Disco

Meatloaf ‎– Featuring Stoney & Meatloaf
Prodigal ‎– P7-10029R1, LP US 1978 VG+/VG* w e
40kr Rock, Soul, Psych

Machine ‎– Machine
RCA Victor, Hologram Records‎– AFL1-3410, LP US 1979
EX/VG* w e 60kr Soul /Funk Disco

Curtis Mayfield ‎– Short Eyes – The Original Picture Soundtrack
Curtom ‎– CU 5017, LP US 1977 Mint SEALD/VG* cut out
240kr Soundtrack, Funk/Soul

New Birth Featuring Leslie Wilson ‎– Behold The Mighty Army
Warner Bros. Records ‎– BS 3071 (RE 1) LP
US 1977 EX/VG 60kr Funk, Soul, Disco

New York Mary ‎– New York Mary
US VG+/VG* cut-out 50kr Jazz-Funk, Fusion

Lavender Hill Mob ‎– Lavender Hill Mob
US VG+/VG* corner cut, in shrink 40kr Rock, Funk

Ole Hoyers Chorus And Orchestra -Disco Danish
Label:RCA Victor, PL 40068 Format:LP Country:Denmark Released:1977
Style:Funk/Soul,Disco EX+/VG* w e 200k

Les Brown And The Super Sounds Of Renown With The Jack Halloran Singers ‎– New Horizons
Daybreak Records ‎– DR-2007, LP US 1972 VG+/VG* corner cut 50kr Jazz, Pop

Gap Mangione ‎– …And The Kids Call It Boogie
Sagoma ‎– S/DGM-751, LP US 1974 VG+/VG 140kr Jazz

Björn J:Son Lindh ‎– Ramadan
Metronome ‎– MLP 15414– MLP 15.414, LP Sweden 1973 EX/VG+ 100kr Fusion, Jazz-Rock

Lol Creme & Kevin Godley ‎– L
Mercury ‎– 6310 032, LP Scandinavia 1978 VG+/VG+ 70kr Art Rock, Pop Rock

Little Richard ‎– Original Live Performance
Musidisc ‎– 30 CV 1308, LP France EX+/VG* soc 50kr Rock, Rock & Roll

Alan O’Day ‎– Appetizers
Pacific Records (6) ‎– PC 4300, LP US 1977 EX/VG* cut-out. in shrink 40kr Pop Rock

Jerry Lee Lewis ‎– 20 Greatest Hits
Black Tulip ‎– 28012, LP Comp. Germany EX/VG+ 40kr Rock & Roll

Tony Orlando & Dawn ‎– Skybird
Arista ‎– AL 4059, LP US 1975 Mint SEALD/ corner cut,in shrink 40kr Pop Rock

The New Seekers ‎– We’d Like To Teach The World To Sing
Elektra ‎– EKS-74115, LP US 1971 EX/VG* corner cut! 50kr Rock, Pop

The New Seekers ‎– Circles
Elektra ‎– EKS-75034, LP US 1972 EX/VG* corner cut! 40kr Pop Rock

Nigel Olsson ‎– Nigel Olsson
The Rocket Record Company ‎– ROLL 2– 0C 062 ◦ 97128, LP UK 1975 VG+/VG 50kr Pop Rock

Little Richard ‎– Little Richard’s Greatest Hits Recorded Live
Epic. Okeh ‎– MBN S-26260 ‎– OKS 14121, LP Comp. Netherlands 1967 EX+/VG 50kr Rock, Rock & Roll

Puzzle ‎– Puzzle
Tamla Motown ‎– TSM ST 60048, LP Italy 1973 EX+/VG 120kr Rock, Soul

Lill Lindfors ‎– Tillbakablick
Metronome ‎– MLP 15.656, LP Comp.Sweden 1979 EX+/VG+ 60kr Pop, Rock, Chanson

Nicoletta ‎– Ma Vie C’est Un Manège
Riviera – XCED 521.145, LP Comp.France EX+/VG* w e 100kr Pop, Chanson

The Osmonds ‎– The Osmonds Greatest Hits
Polydor ‎– PD-2-9005, 2 × LP, Comp. Gatefold US 1977 EX+-EX+/VG-* s m 50kr Pop Rock, Classic Rock

Lindisfarne ‎– Roll On, Ruby
Charisma ‎– CAS 1076‎– CAS. 1076, LP Gatefold UK 1973 EX/VG-* soc 40kr Folk Rock

Bette Midler ‎– The Rose – The Original Soundtrack Recording
Atlantic ‎– SD 160

strong>Bob Marley & The Wailers ‎– Kaya
Island Records ‎– ILPS 9517, LP Scandinavia 1978 VG+/VG 60kr Reggae,Roots Reggae

Hosbah Lawrence ‎– Gold Spoon / Idle Dog
Island Records ‎– IPR 2012, 12″Ltd. UK 1977 VG+/Company Sleeve 100kr Reggae</strong

Jonathan King ‎– Greatest Hits – Past, Present And Future
UK Records ‎– UKAL 1017, LP Comp. UK 1975 EX/VG* soc 40kr Pop

Landslaget ‎– Travellin’ In Our Songs
EMI ‎– 4E 062-35111, LP Sweden 1974 VG+/VG* woc 50kr Rock,Pop

Landslaget ‎– Den Gamla Jukeboxen
EMI ‎– 4E 062-35175, LP Gatefold Sweden 1975 VG+/VG+ 40kr Rock,Pop

Landslaget ‎– Tusen Och En Natt
EMI ‎– 4E 062-35285, LP Sweden 1976 VG+/VG* r w 40kr Rock, Pop

Landslaget ‎– Northern Lights
EMI ‎– 7C 062-35399, LP Sweden 1977 EX/VG 50kr Rock, Pop

Landslaget ‎– Landslaget Levande
EMI ‎– 7C 062-35486, LP Sweden 1978 VG+/VG+ 40kr Rock,Pop</strong

The Klowns ‎– Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey
RCA Victor ‎– LSP-4438, LP Gatefold US 1970 EX/VG* corner cut 40kr Rock, Pop</strong

The Love Generation – A Generation Of Love
Imperial ‎– LP-12364, LP, US 1968 EX/VG* r w 80kr Pop

Aliza Kashi ‎– Hello People
Jubilee ‎– JGS 8012, LP US 1968 40kr Pop, Vocal

Bette Midler ‎– The Divine Miss M
Atlantic ‎– SD 7238A, LP US 1972 VG+/VG*soc 40kr Pop Rock

Jerry Lee Lewis ‎– The “Killer” Rocks On
Mercury ‎– 6338 088,LP Italy 1972 EX+/VG+ 60kr Country Rock, Pop Rock

Bette Midler ‎– Bette Midler
Atlantic ‎– SD 7270, LP 1973 US EX/VG+ 40kr Pop, Voc

Bette Midler ‎– Broken Blossom
Atlantic ‎– SD 19151, LP US 1977 VG+/VG* soc 40kr Pop Rock, Ballad</strong

Anne Murray ‎– Keeping In Touch
Capitol Records ‎– ST-11559, LP US 1976 VG+/VG+* in shrink 40kr Pop

Duncan Lamont ‎– Summer Sambas
Music For Pleasure ‎– MFP 50080, LP UK 1973 EX/VG+ 40kr
Jazz, Latin, Samba, Bossa Nova

Jerry Lee Lewis ‎– The Greatest Rocks Mercury ‎– 6641 089‎– 6499 299– 6499 298, 2 × LP Comp.Gatefold France EX+/VG+ 70kr Blues Rock, Rock & Roll

The Kingston Trio* ‎– The Kingston Trio
Capitol Records ‎– E 054-80186, LP Sweden 1969 EX+/VG-* we 60kr Vocal, Folk

Kingston Trio ‎– The Best Of The Kingston Trio Vol. 2
Capitol Records ‎– ST 2280, LP Comp. UK 1965 EX+/VG*soc 60kr Folk, Folk Rock

Frankie Laine ‎– Balladeer
Columbia ‎– CL 1393, LP US 1959 VG+/VG* w e 70kr Pop

Frankie Laine ‎– Torchin’
Columbia ‎– CL 1176, LP 1958 VG+/VG 40kr Pop

Frankie Laine ‎– Wanderlust
CBS ‎– BPG 62126, LP UK 1963 VG+/VG+ 70kr Jazz, Pop

Frankie Laine ‎– Call Of The Wild
Columbia ‎– CL-1829, LP US 1962 VG+/VG* w e 50kr Jazz, Blues, Pop

Magnus & Brasse ‎– Varning För Barn
Metronome ‎– MLP 15.601, LP Gatefold Sweden 1976 VG+/VG+ 50kr Jazz, Non-Music, Comedy Cult

Martin Ljung ‎– Blommande Ljung
Knäppupp ‎– KNLP 102, LP Comp. Sweden 1967 EX/VG 70kr Non-Music, Comedy, Spoken Word

Little Richard ‎– Good Golly Miss Molly & 11 Other All-Time Hits By
Sonet,Grand Prix– GP-9915, LP, Comp. Scandinavia 1967 EX/VG 50kr Rock, Pop Rock & Roll

Nara Leão ‎– Vento De Maio
Philips ‎– R 765.006 L, LP Brazil 1967 EX/VG 480krLatin, MPB

Ralph McTell ‎– Ralph, Albert And Sydney
Sonet ‎– SLP-3030, LP Sweden 1977 EX/VG* soc 50kr Folk

Oboade ‎– Kpanlogo Party
Tangent Records ‎– TGS 115 LP UK 1973 EX+/VG+ 100kr Folk, Africa

John F. Kennedy – The Presidential Years 1960-1963 (A Documentary)
20th Century Fox Records – TFM 3127, LP US VG+/VG 100 Non-Music, Speech, Spoken Word

Nine Days’ Wonder ‎– Sonnet To Billy Frost
Bacillus Records ‎– BLPS 19234, LP Gatefold Germany 1976 EX+/VG 140kr
Prog Rock

Mass Production ‎– Believe
Cotillion, Atlantic ‎– SD 9918, LP US 1977 VG+/VG-* cut-out 40kr Funk, Disco

Mighty Knights ‎– “Run And Tell That”
Mainstream Records ‎– MRL 2002, LP US 1974 VG+/VG+ in shrink 100kr
Funk / Soul, Gospel

Fred Karlin ‎– Leadbelly
ABC Records ‎– ABDP 939, LP US 1976 VG+/VG 40kr
Soundtrack, Country Blues

Kim Larsen ‎– 451023-0637
CBS ‎– CBS 83961, LP Sweden 1979 EX+/VG* soc 50kr Rock

Michel Legrand & Co.‎– Le Jazz Grand
Gryphon ‎– G-786, LP Gatefold US 1979 EX+/VG* w e 50kr
Contemporary Jazz

Mr. Big‎– Photographic Smile
Arista ‎–AL 4083, LP US 1976 VG+/cut-out, in shrink 40kr Classic Rock

The Oak Ridge Boys ‎– Sky High
Columbia ‎– KC 33057, LP US 1975 VG+/VG* pin-hole 40kr Country Rock, Country

The New Vaudeville Band ‎– Winchester Cathedral
Fontana ‎– SRF 67560, LP US 1966 VG+/VG * pin-hole 50kr Jazz, Pop Rock

Ramsey Lewis ‎– Goin’ Latin
Cadet ‎– LP 790, LP US 1967 EX/VG* 70kr Boogaloo, Latin Jazz

Les Chakachas‎– Les Chachachas Des Chakachas
RCA Camden ‎– CDS 6007, LP Germany 1969 VG+/VG 50kr Cha-Cha, Latin Funk/Soul

Kalle Sändare ‎– Trollkarlen El Zou-Zous Öden & Äventyr
Sonet ‎– FLOP-1004, LP Sweden 1977 VG+/VG+ 50kr Non-Music, Comedy

Roy Milton & His Solid Senders ‎– Roy Milton & His Solid Senders
SNTF 5019, Sonet ‎– SNTF 5019, LP Comp. UK VG+/VG+ 70kr Rhythm & Blues

Roy Milton & His Solid Senders ‎– The Grandfather Of R&B (1945-51)
Jukebox Lil ‎– JB-600, LP Comp. Sweden VG+/VG* soc 70kr Rhythm & Blues

Carole King ‎– Her Greatest Hits – Songs Of Long Ago
Epic ‎– EPC 86043, LP Comp.Europe 1978 EX/VG+ 60kr Folk Rock

Rob McConnell & The Boss Brass ‎– The Jazz Album
Pausa Records ‎– PR-7031‎, LP US 1976 VG+/VG* w e 40kr Jazz, Big Band

Lill Lindfors ‎– Du Är Den Ende
Polydor ‎– LPHM 46 258, LP Sweden 1967 VG+/VG 80kr Pop,Vocal

Lill Lindfors ‎– Vi Har Varann
Karussell ‎– 2468.001,LP Scandinavia 1970 VG+/VG+ 60kr Pop, Chanson

Lill Lindfors, Bengt Hallberg ‎– Mellan Dröm Och Verklighet
Polydor ‎– 2379 007‎– 2379.007, LP Scandinavia 1970 VG+/VG+ 60kr
Bossanova, Pop

The Lee Konitz Trio ‎– Oleo
Sonet ‎– SNTF 690, LP 1975 EX+/VG 100kr Cool Jazz

Kustbandet – Kustbandet
LP Sweden Kenneth Record Corporation KS2037 1972 VG+)/VG+ 70kr
Jazz, Big Band

Mullvadsoperan ‎– Sånger Ur Mullvadsoperan
MNW ‎– 90 P, LP Gatefold Sweden 1978 EX/VG incl. isert 160kr 
Rock, Folk, Prog Political Cult

Moonlighters ‎– On The Right New Track
Swedisc ‎– SWELP-C 66, LP Sweden 1970 VG+/VG+ 200kr Beat, Pop Rock

Ewa Nylander ‎– Mitt Nya Liv
Round Up ‎– LPPM, LP Sweden 1977 VG+/VG+ 150kr Folk

Lill Lindfors & Marcus Österdahls Orkester ‎– Kom I Min Värld
Polydor ‎– LPHM 46 262, LP Sweden 1968 VG+/VG+ 50kr
Bossanova, Pop

Kaj Kristall ‎– Kaj Kristall
Musikventilen ‎– MVLP-7808, LP Sweden 1978 40kr EX/VG+ Pop

Kisa Magnusson ‎– Blues Eyes
SR Records ‎– RHLP 1204, LP Sweden 1974 EX/VG* soc 120kr
Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul

Lasse Lindbom Band ‎– Nineteen And The Sixties
Parlophone, EMI ‎– 7C 062-35656,‎ LP Sweden 1979 EX+/VG* soc 80kr
Pop Rock

Ralph Lundsten ‎– Nordisk Natursymfoni Nr 2 ”Johannes Och Huldran”
Odeon ‎– 4 E 061-35200‎– 7C 061-35200, LP Gatefold Sweden
1975 EX+/VG+ 100kr Experimental, Ambient 

Adam Miller ‎– Westwind Circus
Chelsea Records ‎– CHL 501, LP US 1974 VG+/VG+ 70kr Pop Rock

Elliott Murphy ‎– Just A Story From America
Columbia ‎– PC 34653, LP US 1977 VG+/VG+50kr Blues Rock, Rock

Nielsen Pearson Band ‎– The Nielsen Pearson Band
Epic ‎– JE 34984 LP, US 1978 VG+/VG 50kr Rock

Mikael Wiehe & Kabaréorkestern ‎– Elden Är Lös
Amalthea ‎– AM 10, LP Sweden 1979 VG+/VG-* soc 50kr Prog Rock

Michael Omartian ‎– Adam Again
Myrrh ‎– MSA 6576, LP US 1977 VG+/VG 60kr Prog Rock, Gospel

Michael Nesmith & The First National Band ‎– Loose Salute
RCA Victor ‎– LSP-4415, LP US 1970 EX+/VG* cut-out 80kr
Folk Rock, Country Rock

Gordon Lightfoot ‎– Endless Wire
Warner Bros. Records ‎– BSK 3149, LP US 1978 EX/VG+ 40kr
Folk Rock, Country

Meatloaf ‎– Featuring Stoney & Meatloaf
Prodigal ‎– P7-10029R1, LP US 1978 VG+/VG* w e
40kr Rock, Soul, Psych

The Osmonds ‎– Phase III
MGM Records ‎– 2315 075, LP Italy 1972 EX+/VG+ 60kr Pop Rock

The Osmonds ‎– Crazy Horses
MGM Records ‎– 2315 123, LP Germany 1972 EX/VG 50kr
Pop Rock

Anne Murray ‎– Danny’s Song
Capitol Records ‎– ST-611172, LP US 1973 VG+/VG* w e 50kr
Folk Rock

Hank Mizell ‎– Jungle Rock
Charly Records ‎– CRL 5000, LP UK 1976 EX+/VG+ 140kr
Rock & Roll, Rockabilly

Nils Lofgren ‎– Cry Tough
A&M Records ‎– SP-4573, LP Canada 1976 Ex+/VG-* r w , punch hole
60kr Classic Rock

Live Wire – Pick It Up
A&M Records ‎– AMLH 64793, LP Europe 1979 EX+/VG+ 60kr New Wave, Pop Rock

Machine ‎– Machine
RCA Victor, Hologram Records‎– AFL1-3410, LP US 1979
EX/VG* w e 60kr Soul /Funk Disco

Noel Redding Band ‎– Clonakilty Cowboys
RCA ‎– APL1-1237, LP US 1975 EX/VG* cut-out
50kr Classic Rock

Michael Stanley Band ‎– Cabin Fever
Arista ‎– AB-4182, LP US 1978 EX/VG+ 50kr Rock & Roll

Matrix – Matrix
Rare Earth ‎– R 542L, LP US 1972 EX+/VG-* r w. cut-out!
50kr Art Rock,Classic Rock

Madcats ‎– Madcats
Buddah Records ‎– 6.23869, LP Germany 1979 EX+/VG+
50kr Rock

Emmylou Harris ‎– Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town
Warner Bros. Records ‎– KBS-3141, LP Canada 1978 VG+/VG-* w e,r w
40kr Country

M.K.T. ‎– Take-Off
EMI ‎– 6 C 062-39228, LP Denmark 1977 EX/VG* woc 80kr Pop

Bobby Lee – Welcome to my Morning
LP Sweden Polydor 2379135 1978 VG+/ VG+ Folk Rock

Tim Moore -White Shadows
LP Germany Polydor 2310512 1977 EX/VG* r w 50kr Rock

Dennis Linde – Under The Eye
LP US Monument MG7608 1978 VG+/VG* surface/in shrink 50kr Pop

Dirk Hamilton -Meet Me At The Crux
LP US Elektra 6E125 1978 EX+/VG+ 50kr Classic Rock

Peter Lundblad ‎– Seaweed Garlands
CBS,CUPOL AB ‎– 80521, LP Sweden
1974 EX/VG* woc 120kr Rock, Pop

Ralph Lundsten – Shangri-La
His Master’s Voice 4E06135151, LP Sweden 1975
VG+/VG 200kr Ambient, Downtempo, Electronic, Funk / Soul

Anita Lindblom ‎– Sakta Ska Våren Närma Sig
CBS ‎– S 64673, LP Sweden ¨
1971 VG+/VG* soc 70kr Pop

Magnum Bonum ‎– Bakom Spegeln
Mercury ‎– 6363 023, LP Sweden 1979
EX+/VG* w e 70kr Alternative Rock

Curtis Mayfield ‎– Short Eyes – The Original Picture Soundtrack
Curtom ‎– CU 5017, LP US 1977 Mint SEALD/VG* cut out
240kr Soundtrack, Funk/Soul

Gwen McCrae ‎– Soul From Miami USA
CBS ‎– CBS 53061, LP Comp. Netherlands
1975 VG+/VG-* 80kr soc Soul

New Birth ‎– Love Potion
Warner Bros. Records ‎– BS 2953, LP US 1976
Mint Seald/ VG+* small cut 80kr Soul, Funk

New Birth Featuring Leslie Wilson ‎– Behold The Mighty Army
Warner Bros. Records ‎– BS 3071 (RE 1) LP
US 1977 EX/VG 60kr Funk, Soul, Disco

Little Johnny Taylor ‎– Everybody Knows About My Good Thing
Ronn Records ‎– RONN LPS-7530, LP US
1972 VG+/VG-* punch-hole, w e 60kr Soul

The Kinks ‎– The Kinks Greatest Hits
Rhino Records ‎– R1 70086,
LP, Comp.US EX/VG 220kr Rock

Lynch & Lawson ‎– Lynch And Lawson
Mercury ‎– 9286822, LP Sweden 1977 EX+/VG* w e 250kr Folk Rock

Little Joe Shaver And Devil Dog ‎– Country Surfin’
Chelsea Records ‎– CHL-529, LP US 1976 SEALD Mint /Mint 140kr
Folk Rock, Folk

Sandy Nelson ‎– Walkin’ The Beat
Sunset Records ‎– SLS 50 024 Z– SUS 5114, LP, Comp.Germany EX+/VG* soc
80kr Rock & Roll,Surf

Roy Orbison ‎– The All-Time Greatest Hits Of
Monument ‎– MNT S-67290 2 ×LP, Comp. Gatefold Europe 1974 EX-EX/VG+
Pop Rock, Classic Rock

Dave Loggins ‎– Personal Belongings
Vanguard ‎– VSD 6580, LP US 1972 VG+/VG-* r w 40kr Folk Rock

Katy Moffatt ‎– Kissin’ In The California Sun
CBS ‎– 82432, LP Netherlands 1977 EX+/VG 50kr Folk Rock, Folk

Los Jairas ‎– Los Jairas
Label: Lyra – LPL-13051, LP Bolivia 1967 EX/VG+ 580kr Latin, Folk

Music From Free Creek ‎– Music From Free Creek
Charisma ‎– 6641.132-4 2 × LP Gatefold Scandinavia 1973
EX+-EX+/VG+ 200kr Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Funk, R & B

Night ‎– Night
Planet Records ‎– P-3, LPUS 1979 EX/VG* r w 40kr Rock, Pop

Kokomo ‎– Rise And Shine
CBS ‎– CBS 69229, LP Europe 1975 EX/VG* woc 60 Soul, Disco

Ralph MacDonald ‎– Counterpoint
Marlin ‎– MARLIN 2229, LP US 1979 EX/VG+* in shrink 60kr Disco

Bob Marley And The Wailers ‎– Live!
Island Records ‎– ILPS 9376 LP Scandinavia 1975 VG+/VG 70kr
Roots Reggae

Bob Marley And The Wailers ‎– Put It On
Showcase ‎– SHLP 109 LP,Comp.UK 1985 EX+/VG 50kr Reggae

Bob Marley & The Wailers ‎– Rasta Revolution
Germany Comp. VG+/VG 100kr Roots Reggae

Bob Marley & The Wailers ‎– Rastaman Vibration
UK Gatefold VG+/VG+ 140kr Reggae, Roots Reggae

Bob Marley & The Wailers ‎– Exodus
Scandinavia VG+/VG+ 120kr Reggae, Roots Reggae

Various ‎– Moonshine
UK MGM Records Ltd. ‎– 2368 013 LP
Comp.EX+/VG+ 100kr Country Rock

NJA-Gruppen ‎– Hör Upp Allt Folk
SWE VG+/VG-‘ w e 70kr

Ola Magnell ‎– Höstkänning
SWE EX/VG+ 70kr Rock, Blues, Folk

The Mamas & The Papas ‎– People Like Us
US EX/VG* small pinhole 60kr Folk Rock, Pop Rock

The London Sound Dance Orchestra ‎–
Dancing To The London Sound Dance Orchestra
(Dansez Au Ritmez De Serge Gainsbourg’….)
Switzerland EX/VG+ 160kr Pop

Neal Ford & The Fanatics ‎– Neal Ford & The Fanatics
US Mint SEALD /VG w e 350kr Garage Rock

The Magic Lanterns ‎– Shame Shame
US Mint SEALD /VG+ small pinhole 140kr Folk Rock, Rock

New York Mary ‎– New York Mary
US VG+/VG* cut-out 50kr Jazz-Funk, Fusion

The Moody Blues ‎– A Question Of Balance
Germany Gatefold EX+/VG+ 120 kr Hard Rock Psych

Navarro ‎– Straight To The Heart
US VG+/VG 60kr Rock</strong

Mason Proffit ‎– Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
US EX/VG 70kr Folk, Country Rock, Psych

Nina Hagen Band ‎– Unbehagen
Europe VG+/VG* woc 40kr New Wave

Nyheter Och Bullentiner Från Radio Mosebacke
SWE EX+/VG+ 80kr Svenska Ljud Comedy, Swing Etc.

Jerry Lee Lewis ‎– 16 Songs Never Released Before 1
France Comp. EX+/VG+ 80kr Rock & Roll, R & B, Country

Jerry Lee Lewis ‎– Original Golden Hits – Volume 1
US Comp EX+/VG+ 80kr Rock & Roll, Country Rock, Country

Jerry Lee Lewis ‎– Rockin’ Rhythm & Blues
US Comp. EX+/VG+* in shrink 120 kr

Jerry Lee Lewis ‎– Got You On My Mind
Scandinavia EX+VG-* w e 70kr Rock & Roll, Country

Jerry Lee Lewis And Carl Perkins ‎– Sunstroke!
New Zealand Comp, EX/VG* soc 120kr Rockabilly

John Leyton ‎– The Best Of…
SWE Comp. EX+/VG* soc 100kr Beat, Pop Rock

Frankie Laine -Deuces Wild
SWE Comp, VG+/VG+ 50kr Country

Frankie Laine ‎– Hell Bent For Leather!
Netherlands EX/VG* w e 50kr Country

Robert MacLeod ‎– Between The Poppy And The Snow
UK EX+/VG* s m 70kr Folk Rock

Kursaal Flyers ‎– The Great Artiste
Norway VG+/VG* w e 70kr Rock

New World ‎– New World
UK VG+/VG* w e 40kr

No Artist ‎– BBC Sound Effects No. 1
UK EX+/VG+ 50kr Field Recording, Special Effects

Lavender Hill Mob ‎– Lavender Hill Mob
US VG+/VG* corner cut, in shrink 40kr Rock, Funk

Maria Muldaur ‎– Waitress In A Donut Shop
US EX/VG+ in shrink 40kr Southern Rock

Kid Gloves ‎– Kid Gloves
US EX/VG-* cut-out! 40kr Folk Rock

Herbie Mann ‎– Gagaku & Beyond
US VG+/VG-* woc 40kr Jazz, Folk

The New Commander Cody Band* ‎– Rock ‘N Roll Again
US EX+/VG-* cut-out, w e 40kr Blues Rock

Mahagon ‎– Mahagon
Czechoslovakia EX+/VG+ 175kr Jazz-Rock Fuison

Manfred Mann ‎– This Is… Manfred Mann
UK Comp. EX+/VG+ 75 kr</strong

Manfred Mann ‎– Attention! Manfred Mann!
Scandinavia EX/VG* soc 50 kr

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band ‎– The Roaring Silence
Canada VG+/VG+ 85k

Roy Orbison ‎– Roy Orbison’s Greatest Hits
US Comp. EX+/VG 80kr

Roy Orbison ‎– More Of Roy Orbison’s Greatest Hits
Netherlands Comp. EX+/VG* r w 75kr

Roy Orbison ‎– The Very Best Of Roy Orbison
US Comp. EX+/VG-* r w, w e 80 kr

Justin Hayward & John Lodge ‎– Blue Jays
UK Gatefold EX+/VG* s m 50kr Classic Rock

New Jordal Swingers ‎– Rock Machine
Norway EX+/VG* w e 75kr</strong

The Main Attraction – And Now… The Main Attraction
US EX+ /VG 80 kr

Francis Lai ‎– Bilitis
SWE VG+/VG-toc 50kr

Lennon Plastic Ono Band ‎– Shaved Fish
Sweden EX+/VG+ 100 kr

John Miles ‎– Zaragon
Scandinavia EX+/VG-* soc 40 kr

The Motors ‎– Approved By The Motors
Sweden EX+/VG 60 kr

M – New York, London, Paris, Munich
Scandinavia EX+/VG* we 50kr


Kool & The Gang ‎– Spirit Of The Boogie / Summer Madness
De-Lite Records ‎– DEP-1567), 7″ US 1975 VG+/Generic 70kr Jazz-Funk, Funk

Ocean ‎– Put Your Hand In The Hand/Tear Down The Fences
Kama Sutra ‎– 2013 017), 7″ Scandinavia 1971 VG+/VG_* woc 40kr Folk Rock, Classic Rock

New World ‎– Sister Jane/ First Steps
RAK ‎– 4E 006-93374, 7″ Sweden 1972 VG+/VG-* woc 50kr Pop Rock

The Man ‎– Hey You (Get Out Of My Bed)/ Tomcat
Safari Records ‎– SAFE16, 7” UK 1979 50kr Pop Rock

The Monkees ‎– The Girl I Knew Somewhere / A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
RCA Victor ‎– 66-1004, 7″ Germany 1967 VG+/VG 40kr Pop Rock

The Knack ‎– Good Girls Don’t/ Frustrated
Capitol Records ‎– 7C 006-85995, 7″ Sweden 1979 EX+/VG* r w 50kr Rock, Power Pop

Made In U.S.A. ‎– Melodies/ (Instrumental)
De-Lite Records ‎– DE-900, 7″ US 1977 EX/Generic 50kr Funk / Soul, Disco

The Marcels ‎– Blue Moon / Goodbye To Love
Colpix Records ‎– CP 15014, 7″ Canada 1961 VG+/Genric 50kr Rock, Doo Wop

John Leyton ‎– John Leyton
Top Rank International ‎– TEP 170, 7″ EP Sweden 1961 VG+/VG 120kr Pop, Ballad

Frankie Laine ‎– A Woman In Love / Walking The Night Awa
Philips ‎– 321 786 BF, 7″ Sweden 1955 VG+/Generic 40kr Pop, Vocal

Frankie Laine ‎– Western-Serien Nr 2
Philips ‎– 435 187 BE, 7″ EP Scandinavia VG+/VG+ 60kr Country, Vocal

Siw Malmkvist ‎– Augustin/ Nya Fågelsången
Metronome ‎– J 45-504, 7″ Sweden 1959 VG+/Generic 50kr Cult Pop

Siw Malmkvist ‎– Tunna Skivor/ Tänk Att Få Se Just Dig På Knä
Metronome ‎– J-45-564, 7″ Sweden 1960 VG+/Company Sleeve 200kr Cult, Pop

Mother’s Finest ‎– Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way/ Mickey’s Monkey
Epic ‎– EPC 7264, 7″ Netherlands 1979 VG+/VG 60kr Rock Funk, Disco

O.B. McClinton ‎– I Wish It Would Rain/ Obie From Senatobie
Enterprise ‎– ENA-9070, 7″ US 1973 EX/Generic 60kr Country, Soul

Clydie King ‎– Never Like This Before/ The Long And Winding Road
Lizard ‎– X-21005, 7″ US 1971 EX/Company Sleeve 80kr Soul

Middle Of The Road ‎– Soley Soley/ To Remind Me
RCA Victor.RCA ‎– 74-16 108, 7″ Germany 1971 VG+/VG 30kr Pop Rock

Middle Of The Road ‎– Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep / Soley Soley
RCA Victor ‎– PB 06003, 7″ Germany 1977 EX+/VG 40kr Rock, Classic Rock

Ola + 3 ‎– Det Känns Som Jag Vandrar Fram/ Foxy
Gazell ‎– C-301, 7″ Sweden EX/VG+ 50kr 1979 Pop

Michael Salt & Pepper ‎– Tower Of Strength/ Vinden Ger Svar
Blueberry Records‎– BB 10-05, 7″ Sweden 1969 VG+/VG* woc 40kr Pop, Vocal

Ricky Nelson ‎– Believe What You Say / The Loser Babe Is You
Capitol Records ‎– 4988, 7″ US EX/Company Sleeve 50kr Rock, Pop

Ricky Nelson ‎– Ricky
Karusell ‎– VEP-5031, 7″ Sweden 1957 VG+/Generic 50kr Rock & Roll, Rockabilly