Mel & Kim ‎– Something Special Picture Disc!
Denmark EX+ Comp + Poster 250kr House 
Bill Lamb ‎– Riff Rockin’
Warner Bros. Records ‎– 1-23881, LP US 1983 EX/VG* cut-out 40kr Country Rock
Nelson- After The Rain
EU EX+/VG+ 40 kr
Nasty Idols ‎– Gigolos On Parole
SWE EX/VG 320 kr
McAuley Schenker Group ‎– Save Yourself
GermanyEX+ /VG+ 80 kr
Yngwie J. Malmsteen ‎– Rising Force
Europe VG+/VG* soc HOLD
Magnum ‎– Interview Picture Disc
UK EX/VG+ 50kr
Gary Moore ‎– Still Got The Blues
EU EX /VG+ 120kr
Gary Moore ‎– Falling In Love With You
UK EX+/VG+ 50 kr 12”
Gary Moore ‎– Nuclear Attack
UK EX+/Company Sleeve 40kr 12”
Gary Moore ‎– Run For Cover
UK VG+/VG+ 50kr
Gary Moore ‎– Wild Frontier
EU VG+/VG* soc 50kr
Meat Loaf ‎– Dead Ringer
Europe EX+/VG* soc 50kr Classic Rock
Tony MacAlpine ‎– Maximum Security
Europe EX/VG+ 70kr Heavy Metal
Kix ‎– Cool Kids
Atlantic ‎– 78-0056-1, LP Europe 1983 EX+/VG-* w e 80 kr Hard Rock
The Kane Gang ‎– Small Town Creed
Kitchenware Records ‎– SKX11– 820 058-1, 12″ UK 1984 VG+/VG+ 40kr Rhythm & Blues
Men At Work ‎– Business As Usual
CBS ‎– 85423, LP Europe 1981 VG+/VG*soc 40kr Pop Rock, Indie Rock
Mike Mareen ‎– Let’s Start Now
ZYX Records ‎– ZYX 20091– 20 091, LP Germany 1987 EX/VG+ 650k Euro-Disco
Local Boy ‎– Thriller Medley With Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Many Records ‎– MN 520, 12″ Italy 1984 VG+/VG+ 40kr Italo-Disco
Laser Dance ‎– Future Generation
Beat Box ‎– BB 9032, LP Sweden 1987 EX/VG+ 180kr Italo-Disco, Synth-pop
Mike Platinas & Javier Ussia ‎– Max Mix 2 (El Segundo Megamix Español)
Label:Max Music ‎– LP 135, – LP:135,LP, Comp. Gatefold Spain 1985 EX+/VG+ 80kr Italo-Disco
Ken Laszlo ‎– Ken Laszlo
Label:Beat Box ‎– BB 9015, LP Sweden 1987 VG+/VG+ 150kr Italo-Disco
Finzy Kontini ‎– Place To Place
Beat Box ‎– BB 9027,LP Sweden 1987 EX/VG+ 80kr Italo-Disco
Off ‎– Electrica Salsa (Baba Baba) Beat Box ‎– BB 8102, 12″ Promo Sweden 1987 VG+/Company Sleeve 60kr Italo-Disco
T. C. Mirage‎– No More No War
Mega Records ‎– MRCX 122123, 12″-maxi Denmark 1985 EX+/VG+ 60kr Euro-Disco
Ini Kamoze ‎– Shocking Out
Greensleeves Records ‎– GREL 115, LP UK 1988 VG+/VG-*w e 60krReggae, Roots Reggae
Miss Kimberly ‎– D.J. Girl / My Boyfriend Is A Communist
Bobcat Records ‎– 4Z9-04104, 12″ US 1983 EX+/Generic 130kr Hi NRG, Disco
Ralph Lundsten – Paradissymfonin
Harvest 7C06235725, LP Sweden 1980 EX+/VG+ 100kr  Abstract, Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Funk / Soul
Magnum Bonum ‎– Hits
MERCURY ‎– 6362 112, LP Comp. Sweden 1982 EX+/VG+ 120kr Pop, Rock
The Mission ‎– Gods Own Medicine
Mercury ‎– 830 603-1, LP Europe 1986 EX+/VG+ 100kr Goth Rock, Hard Rock
Mental As Anything – Mouth To Mouth
EU Ex+/VG-* soc 40 kr
Level 42 ‎– True Colours
UK EX/VG* soc 40kr Pop Rock, Jazz Funk
Level 42 ‎– Lessons In Love
US EX+/VG* r w 60 kr 12”
KajaGooGoo ‎– White Feathers
Netherlands EX+/VG+ 50kr Synth-pop
The Monroes ‎– Face Another Day
Scandinavia VG+/VG+ 50kr
Billy Joel ‎– Turnstiles
Europe EX+/VG+ 45 kr
John Lennon & Yoko Ono ‎– Double Fantasy
Canada EX+/VG+ In shrink 50 kr
John Lennon ‎– The John Lennon Collection
Germany Comp. EX/VG 60kr
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band- Somewhere in Africa
Scandinavia VG+/VG* w e 40 kr
The Korgis ‎– The Best Of The Korgis
Rialto ‎– KORG-1, LP, Comp. UK 1983 EX+/VG+ 80kr
Rock, Pop Rock, Synth-pop
Lancee ‎– The Bridge
CBS ‎– CBS 84876, LP Netherlands 1981 EX+/VG+ 50kr Rock, Pop
La Bottega Dell’Arte ‎– Forza 4
Polarvox ‎– LJLP 1038, LP Finland 1984 EX/VG 100kr Prog Rock
Cyndi Lauper ‎– True Colors
Portrait ‎– PRT 26948, LP Europe 1986 EX+/VG+ 50kr Pop Rock, Synth-pop
The Notting Hillbillies ‎– Missing…Presumed Having A Good Time
Vertigo ‎– 842 671-1, LP Europe 1990 EX+/VG HOLD Country Blues, Country
Little Feat ‎– Representing The Mambo
Warner Bros. Records ‎– 1-26163– 9 26163-1, LP US 1990 EX/VG* cut-out 60kr
Blues Rock, Southern Rock
Michael McDonald ‎– Take It To Heart
Reprise Records ‎– 7599-25979-1– WX 285, LP UK & Europe 1990 EX+/VG+
40kr Pop Rock
Michael McDonald ‎– No Lookin’ Back
Warner Bros. Records ‎– 925 291-1, LP Europe 1985 EX+/VG-*soc 40kr
Pop Rock, Soul
Martee Lebow ‎– Crimes Of The Heart
Atlantic ‎– 781 624-1, 12″ Europe 1986 EX+/VG* soc 70kr Rock
Loverboy ‎– Big Ones
CBS ‎– 466006 1, LP Comp. Netherlands 1989 EX+/VG* soc 50kr Rock
Stevie Nicks ‎– Rock A Little
Parlophone ‎– 062 24 0472 1‎– 1C 062-24 0472 1, LP Europe 1985 VG+/VG+
50kr Pop Rock
Kool Moe Dee ‎– Kool Moe Dee
Jive ‎– HIP 44, LP UK 1987 EX/VG 50kr Hip Hop
Ola Magnell ‎– Gaia
SWE EX/VG+ 50kr Rock, Pop
Lampers – In De Betou ‎– En Kväll På Club Real
Bastun ‎– BAS 503, LP Sweden 1985 EX/VG Pop Rock, Synth-pop
The Men They Couldn’t Hang ‎– Silver Town
Jive ‎– ZL 74153, LP Germany 1989 EX/VG+ 50kr
Folk Rock, Indie Rock
Lloyd Cole And The Commotions ‎– Easy Pieces
Polydor ‎– 827 670-1, LP Germany 1985 EX+/VG+ 50kr
Alternative Rock, Pop Rock
Nena ‎– Nena
CBS ‎– CBS 25 264, LP Europe 1983 VG+/VG* soc 40kr
New Wave, Rock, Pop Synth-pop
Play Dead -From The Promised Land
LP UK Clay Records CLAYLP11 VG+/VG-* woc 100kr Goth Rock
New Musik ‎– From A To B
GTO ‎– GTLP, LP Europe 1980 EX+/VG+ 50kr New Wave, Synth-pop
Landscape ‎– Manhattan Boogie-Woogie
RCA ‎– RCA LP 6037‎– PL 25426 ‎– RCALP 6037, LP UK 1982 EX+/VG
50kr Synth-pop
David Lindley ‎– El Rayo-X
Asylum Records ‎– AS 52 283, LP Germany 1981 EX+/VG+ 50kr
Kirk Lorange ‎– No Apostrophe
WEA ‎– 250 212-1, LP Germany 1983 EX/VG+ 50kr Pop Rock
Joni Mitchell ‎– Wild Things Run Fast
Geffen Records ‎– GEF 25102, LP Gatefold Europe 1982 EX/VG+ 50kr
Folk Rock
Lustans Lakejer ‎– En Plats I Solen
Stranded Rekords ‎– EKO 109, LP, Sweden 1982 VG+/VG 50kr
New Wave, Synth-pop
Gary Numan ‎– I, Assassin
Beggars Banquet ‎– BEG K 58 723,LP Scandinavia 1982 VG+/VG 100kr
Electro, Synth-pop
The Lightning Seeds– Cloudcuckooland
Ghetto Recording Company ‎– GHETT 3, LP Scandinavia 1990 EX+/VG 180kr
Alternative Rock, Synth-pop
Kartellen ‎– Summer In The City
AMK studio ‎– JA37DC9, 12″-maxi Sweden 1988 VG+/VG-* r w 100kr
New Wave Pop
Michael Obst ‎– Metal Drops (Electronic Music)
Wergo ‎– SM 1043, LP Germany 1984 EX+/VG* soc 180kr
Electronic, Experimental
Little River Band ‎– The Net
Capitol Records,‎EMI – 1C 064-400 176, LP Europe 1983 EX+/VG+
60kr Pop Rock
Live Wire – No Fright
A&M Records ‎– AMLH 64814, LP Europe 1980 EX+/VG+
60kr Pop Rock New Wave Pub Rock
Live Wire ‎– Changes Made
A&M Records ‎-AMLH 68522, LP Europe 1981 EX+/VG+
70kr Pop Rock New Wave Pub Rock
Nilsson – Nilsson Schmilsson
RCA International ‎– INTS 5002– NL 13464, LP UK Released: 1980
VG+/VG* soc 140kr Classic Rock
Milli Vanilli ‎– All Or Nothing (The U.S. Remix Album)
Scandinavia EX/VG+ 45 kr Pop, Rap
Midge Ure ‎– Answers To Nothing
SWE EX+/VG+ 55kr New Wave, Synth-pop
Monsoon ‎– Third Eye
Netherlands VG+/VG 80kr Electronic, Downtempo
Albert Lee ‎– Albert Lee
Polydor ‎– SPELP 29, 2383 640 LP UK EX+/VG HOLD Blues- Country Rock
Magnum Bonum ‎– Färghållarelorglar
Mercury ‎– 6362 087, LP Sweden 1981
VG+* surface/ VG-soc 40kr Pop Rock
Magnum Bonum ‎– Fredlös
Europa Film Records ‎– ELP 5005, LP
Sweden 1982 VG+/ VG+ 70kr Rock, Pop
Mark Knopfler ‎– Cal
Vertigo ‎– 822 769-1 LP Netherlands 1984 EX+/VG* s m 50kr
Soundtrack, Folk, Rock
Paul McCartney ‎– Снова в СССР
USSR 1989 LP EX+/VG* r w, woc 60kr Rock & Roll
Mr. Mister ‎– Welcome To The Real World
UK & Europe 1985 LP EX+/VG+ 40kr Pop Rock
The Kinks ‎– Give The People What They Want
Scandinavia VG+/VG-* soc 80kr Pop Rock
Nik Kershaw ‎– The Riddle
Europe VG+/VG 40kr Synth-pop
Modern Romance ‎– Adventures In Clubland
Scandinavia VG+/VG+ 90kr Latin, Funk, Disco
Kid Creole And The Coconuts ‎– Fresh Fruit In Foreign Places
Portugal VG+/VG+ in shrink 60kr Latin, Disco
Limahl ‎– Don’t Suppose…
Europe VG+/VG+ 40kr Synth-pop
Cyndi Lauper ‎– A Night To Remember
Europe EX/VG+ 50kr Synth-pop
Microstoria ‎– Reprovisers
US 12” EX/VG+ 50kr Electronic -IDM, Experimental
Johan Lindell ‎– Från Andra Sidan
SWE VG+/VG+ 70kr
Johan Lindell ‎– Passageraren
SWE VG+/VG* soc 80kr New Wave
New Order ‎– Low-Life
Scandinavia VG+/VG* woc, soc HOLD kr Synth-pop, Indie Rock
Kylie Minogue ‎– Kylie
US EX+/VG*cut-out , soc 50kr
Thompson Twins ‎– Here’s To Future Days
Europe EX/VG* woc 40kr Synth-pop
Madonna ‎– True Blue
Canada VG+/VG+ 40kr Synth-pop
Madonna ‎– Like A Prayer
UK & Europe VG+/VG* soc 40kr
Madonna ‎– You Can Dance
US EX+/VG 75 kr
Madonna ‎– I’m Breathless
(Music From And Inspired By The Film Dick Tracy)
Europe EX+/VG+ 50kr Soundtrack
Ola Magnell ‎– Onkel Knut
SWE EX/VG* soc 60kr Pop,Rock
The Outfield ‎– Play Deep
Europe EX+/VG+ 90 kr
The Outfield ‎– Voices Of Babylon
Europe EX+/VG+ 50kr
The Outfield ‎– Bangin’
Europe EX+/VG+ 40kr
Mr. Mister – Go On
Europe EX+/VG* soc 40kr
Lolita Pop ‎– Att Ha Fritidsbåt
Midnight Oil ‎– Blue Sky Mining
Europe EX+/VG + 40kr Alternative
Night ‎– Long Distance
UK EX+/VG* w e 60kr Pop Rock
The Korgis ‎– Dumb Waiters
Scandinavia EX+/VG* r w 70kr Pop Rock Synth-pop
Paul McCartney ‎– Press To Play
Europe Gatefold EX/VG+ 50kr
Paul McCartney ‎– Give My Regards To Broad Street
Europe Gatefold EX+/VG*soc 60kr Soundtrack
Peter Lundblad ‎– Ta Mej Till Havet
SWE VG+/VG*soc 40kr Pop
Peter LeMarc ‎– Välkommen Hem!
SWE Comp. Gatefold EX+/VG* soc 50kr Rock, Pop
Level 42 ‎– True Colours
UK EX/VG* soc 40kr Pop Rock, Jazz Funk
Kim Larsen ‎– 451023-0637
SWE EX+/VG* soc 50kr Rock
Kim Larsen ‎– Jungle Dreams
Scandinavia EX+/VG 60 kr
Kim Larsen & Bellami ‎– Kielgasten
Denmark EX+/VG+* soc 45kr
Richard Marx ‎– Right Here Waiting
Europe EX+/VG+ 12” 75kr
Tommy Nilsson ‎– Follow The Road…
SWE EX+/VG* soc 40kr
Tommy Nilsson ‎– It!
Scandinavia EX+/VG* soc 50kr
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band ‎– Budapest (Live)
UK VG+/VG-* woc, w e 50kr
Madness ‎– 7
UK VG+/VG* s m 45 kr
Niagara‎– Quel Enfer!
France EX+/VG+ 55kr
Yes -Big Generator
US EX/VG* cut-out 45 kr
Monaco Blues Band ‎– Mud, Blood And Beer
Netherlands EX+ /VG+ 60 kr
Lenny Kravitz ‎– Let Love Rule
EU EX/VG+ 225kr