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Daryl Hall & John Oates ‎– Voices
RCA Victor ‎– AQL1-3646, LP US 1981 EX+/VG-* woc 60kr Rock, Pop Rock

Cyndi Lauper ‎– True Colors
Portrait ‎– PRT 26948, LP Europe 1986 EX+/VG+ 50kr Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Squeeze – East Side Story
A&M Records ‎– AMLH 64854, LP Europe 1981 EX+/VG+ 50kr Pop Rock

Squeeze ‎– Babylon And On
A&M Records ‎– SP-5161, LP Canada 1987 EX/VG+ 40kr Pop Rock

Sneakers ‎– Sneakers
Mercury ‎– 6344 225, LP Denmark 1980 EX/VG 50kr Rock, Pop

Sneakers ‎– Rou’let
Mercury ‎– 6344 244, LP Denmark 1982 EX+/VG 40kr Pop Rock

Dennis DeYoung ‎– Desert Moon
A&M Records ‎– AMLX 65006, LP Europe 1984 EX+/VG+ 40kr Pop Rock

Dennis DeYoung ‎– Boomchild
MCA Records ‎– 255 681-1– 6.26894, LP Germany 1988 EX+/VG* soc 50kr
Pop Rock

Jackson Browne ‎– Hold Out
Asylum Records ‎– AS 52 226– K 52226 LP Europe EX+/VG 40kr
Pop Rock, Classic Rock

Jackson Browne ‎– Lawyers In Love
Asylum Records ‎– 96-0268-1, LP Europe EX+/VG 40kr Pop Rock, Classic Rock

Jackson Browne ‎– Lives In The Balance
Asylum Records ‎– 960 457-1– EKT 31, LP UK & Europe 1986 VG+/VG+ 40kr
Pop Rock

Broken Home – Life
Mercury ‎– 6302 179, LP Netherlands 1982 EX(VG+ 50kr Pop Rock

Bolland ‎– The Domino Theory
CBS ‎– CBS 85742, LP Scandinavia 1982 EX+/VG+ 40kr Synth-pop, Pop Rock

Hooters ‎– One Way Home
CBS ‎– CBS 450851 1, LP Europe 1987 EX+/VG+ 40kr Pop Rock

Hooters ‎– Zig Zag
CBS ‎– 465084 1, LP Europe 1989 EX+/VG+ 50kr Pop Rock

Pete Townshend ‎– White City: A Novel
ATCO Records ‎– 7 90473-1, LP US 1985 EX+/VG* punch -hole 40kr
Soundtrack, Rock & Roll, Classic Rock

Dave Edmunds ‎– Twangin…
Swan Song ‎– SS 59 411, LP Scandinavia 1981 EX+/VG+ 40kr
Rock & Roll, Classic Rock

Michael Franks ‎– The Camera Never Lies
Warner Bros. Records ‎– 92 55701, LP Canada 1987 VG+/VG 40kr Jazz-Rock

Firefall ‎– Break Of Dawn
Atlantic ‎– 80017-1, LP US 1982 EX+/VG 40kr Country Rock

Mink DeVille ‎– Where Angels Fear To Tread
Atlantic ‎– 78-0115-1, LP Scandinavia 1983 VG+/VG-* w e 40kr Blues Rock

The Blues Brothers ‎– Best Of The Blues Brothers
Atlantic ‎– ATL K 50 858– ATL 50 858, LP Comp. Europe EX+/VG+
Blues Rock, Rock & Roll

Steve Gibbons Band ‎– Street Parade
Polydor, Goldhawke ‎– 2480 547, LP Scandinavia 1980 EX+/VG+ 50kr
Blues Rock

Pearl Harbor And The Explosions ‎– Pearl Harbor And The Explosions
Warner Bros. Records ‎– BSK 3404, LP US 1980 EX+/VG* r w 40kr New Wave

Amy Grant ‎– Heart In Motion
A&M Records ‎– 395 321-1, LP Netherlands 1991 EX/VG* soc 60kr Pop Rock

La Bottega Dell’Arte ‎– Forza 4
Polarvox ‎– LJLP 1038, LP Finland 1984 EX/VG 100kr Prog Rock

Bryan Ferry ‎– Bête Noire
Virgin ‎– 208 711 – 208 711-630, LP Europe 1987 EX+/VG+ 45kr
Art Rock, Pop Rock

Russ Taff ‎– Russ Taff
Myrrh ‎– MYRR 1247, LP UK 1987 EX+/VG+ 50kr Pop Rock

Lancee ‎– The Bridge
CBS ‎– CBS 84876, LP Netherlands 1981 EX+/VG+ 50kr Rock, Pop

Starship ‎– No Protection
RCA, Grunt‎– FL86413, LP Europe 1987 EX/VG+ 40kr Pop Rock

The Korgis ‎– The Best Of The Korgis
Rialto ‎– KORG-1, LP, Comp. UK 1983 EX+/VG+ 80kr
Rock, Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Joan Armatrading ‎– Me Myself I
A&M Records ‎– AMLH 64809‎– SP 4809, LP Europe 1980 VG+/VG* r w 40kr
Rock, Pop Rock

Supertramp ‎– “…Famous Last Words…”
A&M Records ‎– AMLK 63732, LP Europe 1982 EX+/VG* w e 40kr Pop Rock

Feargal Sharkey ‎– Wish
Virgin ‎– 208 857– 208 857-63, LP Europe 1988 EX+/VG+ 40kr Synth-pop

Feargal Sharkey ‎– Songs From The Mardi Gras
Virgin ‎– V 2642– 211 471, LP Europe 1991 EX/VG+ 40kr Blues Rock, Pop

Ellen Foley ‎– Spirit Of St. Louis
Epic,Cleveland International Records ‎– EPC 84809, Epic ‎– 84809– 84809
LP, Album Europe 1981 EX/VG 40kr Pop Rock

Vitesse ‎– Live
RCA, RCA Victor‎– PL 44024, LP Germany 1980 EX+/VG 40kr Pop Rock

Chris Rea ‎– Water Sign
Magnet,Flarenasch – 723 660, LP France 1983 EX/VG 50kr
Rock, Pop Rock

Bonnie Tyler ‎– Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fire
CBS ‎– CBS 86319, LP Europe 1986 EX+/VG+ 40kr Rock, Pop Rock

Ultravox ‎– U-VOX
Chrysalis ‎– CDL 1545, LP Sweden 1986 VG+/VG 40kr Synth-pop

Martee Lebow ‎– Crimes Of The Heart
Atlantic ‎– 781 624-1, 12″ Europe 1986 EX+/VG* soc 70kr Rock

Bucks Fizz ‎– Are You Ready?
RCA ‎– PL 25424, LP Gatefold Europe 1982 EX+/VG 40kr Pop Rock

Robin Holcomb ‎– Robin Holcomb
Elektra ‎– 7559-60983-1, LP Germany 1990 EX+/VG 100kr
Experimental, Ambient

Roger Chapman ‎– Zipper
RCA ‎– PL 70989,LP Europe 1986 EX/VG 40kr Blues Rock, Pop Rock

Rick Springfield ‎– Beautiful Feelings
Mercury ‎– 824 107-1, LP Netherlands 1984 EX+/VG+ 50kr Pop Rock

Rick Springfield ‎– Hard To Hold – Soundtrack Recording
RCA ‎– BL84935, LP Europe 1984 VG+/VG 40kr Soundtrack, Pop Rock

Rick Springfield ‎– Tao
RCA ‎– PL 85370, LP Europe 1985 VG+/VG 40kr Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Rick Springfield ‎– Rock Of Life
RCA ‎– PL86620‎– PL 86 620, LP Europe 1988 EX+/VG+ 40kr
Power Pop, Pop Rock

Joni Mitchell ‎– Wild Things Run Fast
Geffen Records ‎– GEF 25102, LP Gatefold Europe 1982 EX/VG+ 50kr
Folk Rock

John Wetton ‎– Caught In The Crossfire
EG ‎– EGLP107, LP UK 1980 EX+/VG* soc 75kr Prog Rock

Prince And The Revolution ‎– Around The World In A Day
Paisley Park ‎– 9 25286-1‎– 1-25286, LP Gatefold US 1985 EX+/VG* 100kr
Pop Rock, Funk

The Notting Hillbillies ‎– Missing…Presumed Having A Good Time
Vertigo ‎– 842 671-1, LP Europe 1990 EX+/VG 70kr Country Blues, Country

Little Feat ‎– Representing The Mambo
Warner Bros. Records ‎– 1-26163– 9 26163-1, LP US 1990 EX/VG* cut-out 60kr
Blues Rock, Southern Rock

Jon English ‎– English History
Frituna ‎– FRLP-162, LP Comp.Scandinavia 1980 VG+/VG 40kr Pop Rock

Sky ‎– Sky 2
Ariola ‎– 301 118-406, 2 × LP Gatefold Germany 1980 EX+-EX+/VG 50kr
Prog Rock, Classic Rock

Ian Anderson ‎– Walk Into Light
Chrysalis ‎– CDL 1443, LP Scandinavia 1983 VG+/VG* w e 70kr
Folk Rock, Synth-pop

Michael McDonald ‎– Take It To Heart
Reprise Records ‎– 7599-25979-1– WX 285, LP UK & Europe 1990 EX+/VG+
40kr Pop Rock

Michael McDonald ‎– No Lookin’ Back
Warner Bros. Records ‎– 925 291-1, LP Europe 1985 EX+/VG-*soc 40kr
Pop Rock, Soul

Sir Douglas Quintet ‎– The Collection
Castle Communications PLC ‎– CCSLP 133, 2 × LP Comp.Gatefodl UK

ARS ‎– The Boys From Doraville
Polydor ‎– 2391 467, LP Scandinavia 1980 EX+/VG* soc 40kr Southern Rock

Mick Fleetwood ‎– The Visitor
RCA ‎– RCALP 5044, LP Gatefold UK 1981 EX+/VG 50kr Rock, Folk, African

Mike Rutherford ‎– Acting Very Strange
WEA ‎– WEA 99 249, LP Scandinavia 1982 EX+/VG 50kr Pop Rock, Prog Rock

Jim Capaldi ‎– Fierce Heart
WEA ‎– 25-0057-1, LP Scandinavia 1983 EX+/VG* soc 120kr
Blues Rock, Classic Rock

Prefab Sprout ‎– From Langley Park To Memphis
CBS,‎Kitchenware Records ‎– CBS 460124 1 – KWLP9, LP Europe 1988 EX/VG+
70kr Indie Pop Rock

J.J. Cale ‎– Shades
Shelter Records, Ariston Music ‎– SHL/18013, ‎LP Italy 1981 VG+//VG* w e 60kr
Blues Rock, Folk Rock

Loverboy ‎– Big Ones
CBS ‎– 466006 1, LP Comp. Netherlands 1989 EX+/VG* soc 50kr Rock

Sniff ‘n’ the Tears ‎– Ride Blue Divide
Chiswick Records ‎– CWK-3020, LP Sweden 1982 EX/VG+ 50kr Pop Rock

Joe Cocker ‎– One Night Of Sin
Capitol Records ‎– 064-7 91828 1‎– 7 91828 1, LP Europe 1989 EX/VG* soc
40kr Pop Rock, Classic Rock

The Doobie Brothers ‎– One Step Closer
Warner Bros. Records ‎– HS 3452, LP US 1980 EX+/VG 40kr Pop Rock

The Doobie Brothers ‎– Cycles
Capitol Records ‎– 064-790371 1, LP Europe 1989 EX/VG+ 40kr Classic Rock

Tom Waits ‎– Rain Dogs
Island Records ‎– ILPS 9803, LP Scandinavia 1985 VG+/VG 200kr Blues Rock

Tom Waits ‎– Swordfishtrombones
Island Records ‎– ILPM 9762, LP UK 1986 EX+/VG* corner notch 160kr
Blues Rock, Jazz-Rock

R.E.M. ‎– Out Of Time
Warner Bros. Records ‎– 7599-26496-1– WX 404, LP Europe 1991 EX+/VG-* HOLD corner notch 160kr Alternative Rock

Stevie Nicks ‎– Rock A Little
Parlophone ‎– 062 24 0472 1‎– 1C 062-24 0472 1, LP Europe 1985 VG+/VG+
50kr Pop Rock

Kool Moe Dee ‎– Kool Moe Dee
Jive ‎– HIP 44, LP UK 1987 EX/VG 50kr Hip Hop

Bengt Sändh & Ewert Ljusberg ‎– Skamgrepp
Rabulist Records ‎– RALP 001, LP Comp. Gatefold Sweden 1983 VG+/VG+
80kr Folk

Status Quo ‎– Never Too Late
Scandinavia VG+/VG+ SOLD

Björn Afzelius ‎– Innan Tystnaden
SWE VG+/VG-*toc s m 40kr Prog

Björn Afzelius & Globetrotters ‎– Nio Liv
SWE EX/VG 50kr Folk Rock

Björn Afzelius ‎– Globetrotter
SWE EX/VG* r w incl. insert. 50kr Rock, Pop, Folk

Björn Afzelius Band ‎– Bakom Kulisserna
SWE EX/VG* soc 70kr Rock

Ola Magnell ‎– Gaia
SWE EX/VG+ 50kr Rock, Pop

Ulf Lundell ‎– Längre Inåt Landet
SWE 2 x LP Gatefold VG+-VG+/VG+ 70kr 
Pop Rock, Classic Rock

Klaatu ‎– Endangered Species
Scandinavia VG+/VG* woc SOLD

Jerry Williams ‎– JW
SWE EX/VG+ 50kr Rock & Roll

The Boppers ‎– The Boppers
SWE EX/VG+ 50kr Rock & Roll, Rockabilly

Eldkvarn ‎– Kungarna Från Broadway
SWE VG+/VG* w e 60kr Rock, Classic Rock

Lou Reed ‎– Walk On The Wild Side – The Best Of Lou Reed
UK Comp. EX/VG* soc 80kr Art Rock, Classic Rock

EMF ‎– Schubert Dip
Europe EX+/VG+ 140kr

The Human League- Dare
Scandinavia EX+/VG* soc 40kr

Peter Baumann ‎– Repeat Repeat
France EX/VG* w e 60kr

Alphaville ‎– Forever Young
Europe EX/VG+ 90kr

Heaven 17 ‎– Pleasure One
UK EX/VG 80kr

Heaven 17 ‎– Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho
Europe EX/VG+ 40kr

Jean-Michel Jarre ‎– The Concerts In China
Germany 2 x LP EX+-EX+ /VG SOLD

Jarre ‎– Magnetic Fields
Germany EX+/VG+ SOLD

Den Harrow ‎– The Best Of Den Harrow
Germany Comp. EX+/VG+ 130 kr italo

Vangelis ‎– Themes
Germany Comp. Gatefold EX+/VG+ SOLD

David Bowie ‎– Ashes To Ashes (Disco-Remix)
Germany EX+/VG+ 175 kr 12”

Lampers – In De Betou ‎– En Kväll På Club Real
Bastun ‎– BAS 503, LP Sweden 1985 EX/VG Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Hoodoo Gurus ‎– Blow Your Cool!
Elektra ‎– 9 60728-1, LP US 1987 
EX+/VG+ small cut 60kr Indie Rock

Ralph Lundsten – Paradissymfonin
Harvest 7C06235725, LP Sweden 1980 EX+/VG+ 100kr 
Abstract, Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Funk / Soul

Reeperbahn ‎– Venuspassagen
Mercury ‎– 6362 084, LP Sweden 1981 
VG+/VG 100kr Alternative Rock, New Wave

Debbie Harry ‎– KooKoo
Chrysalis ‎– CHR 1347, LP Scandinavia 1981 
VG+/VG* w e 50kr Pop Rock, Funk, Disco

Johnny Electric ‎– The Box
Discouraged Records ‎– MMI15/JE001, LP 
Sweden 2011 EX+/VG+ 150kr Garage Rock

Spandau Ballet ‎– Parade
Chrysalis ‎– CDL 1473, LP Sweden 1984 EX/VG 40kr Synth-pop

Transvision Vamp ‎– Pop Art
MCA Records ‎– 255 802-1‎– MCF 3421, LP Europe 1988 EX/VG 40kr 
Alternative, Pop Rock

The Del Fuegos ‎– Stand Up
Slash, ‎Warner Bros. Records– 9 25540-1,LP US 1987 EX+/VG* in shrink 50kr 
Indie Rock

Scritti Politti ‎– Cupid & Psyche 85
Virgin ‎– 206 616‎– 206 616-620, LP Europe 1985 VG+/VG 40kr 
Synth-pop, Disco

The Men They Couldn’t Hang ‎– Silver Town
Jive ‎– ZL 74153, LP Germany 1989 EX/VG+ 50kr 
Folk Rock, Indie Rock

Lloyd Cole And The Commotions ‎– Easy Pieces
Polydor ‎– 827 670-1, LP Germany 1985 EX+/VG+ 50kr 
Alternative Rock, Pop Rock

Flash And The Pan* ‎– Headlines
Ensign ‎– ENVY 507,LP Sweden 1982 VG+/VG 40kr 
New Wave, Power Pop

The Tubes ‎– Outside Inside
Capitol Records ‎– 1A 064-400 164, LP Europe 1983 EX+/VG+ 
40kr Pop Rock, Glam

Spandau Ballet ‎– Heart Like A Sky
CBS ‎– 463318 1, LP Europe 1989 EX+/VG* soc 40kr New Wave, Synth-pop

Fashion ‎– Fabrique
Arista ‎– AL 6604, LPCanada 1982 EX/VG* w e 70kr New Wave, Synth-pop

Rockpile ‎– Seconds Of Pleasure
F-Beat ‎– XXLP 7, F-Beat ‎– BEV 1, LP, 7″ UK 1980 EX+/EX/VG 110kr 
incl the 7 inch. New Wave, Pop Rock, Rockabilly

Red Rockers – Good As Gold
CBS/Sony ‎– 25AP 2633 LP Japan 1983 EX/VG-* w e, woc 140kr 
New Wave, Synth pop

Nena ‎– Nena
CBS ‎– CBS 25 264, LP Europe 1983 VG+/VG* soc 40kr 
New Wave, Rock, Pop Synth-pop

Play Dead -From The Promised Land
LP UK Clay Records CLAYLP11 VG+/VG-* woc 100kr Goth Rock

New Musik ‎– From A To B
GTO ‎– GTLP, LP Europe 1980 EX+/VG+ 50kr New Wave, Synth-pop

Generalerna ‎– Gator Från Förr
Monarch Music Group ‎– MMGLP08, LP Sweden Rock, Pop 180kr 
Alternative Rock

Hunters & Collectors ‎– What’s A Few Men?
White Label Records ‎– RML 53253 ‎– RML53253, LP Australia & New Zealand
1987 EX+/VG+ 100kr Alternative Rock

Europeans ‎– Recurring Dreams
A&M Records ‎– AMA 5034, LP Europe 1984 EX+/VG-* toc 50kr 
Alternative, Pop Rock

Pushtwangers ‎– Don’t Be Afraid
Amigo ‎– AMLP 2013, LP Sweden 1988 EX+/VG 50kr Power Pop

Spandau Ballet ‎– Through The Barricades
CBS ‎– CBS 450259 1, LP Europe 1986 EX+/VG+ 50kr 
Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Bow Wow Wow ‎– I Want Candy
RCA Victor ‎– MAL-RCLP 20247, LP Greece 1982 VG+/VG-* w e 40kr 
New Wave Rock, Pop

The Boomtown Rats ‎– Mondo Bongo
Mercury ‎– 6359 042, LP Scandinavia 1980 EX+/VG+ 50kr New Wave

Pretenders ‎– Pretenders II
Real Records– K 56924‎– K 56.924, Sire ‎– (SRK 3572), LP Portugal
1981 VG+/VG-* soc 40kr Alternative, Classic Rock

Simple Minds ‎– Sister Feelings Call
Virgin ‎– 205 154– OVED 2– 205 154-270, LP Europe 1981 EX+VG 50kr 
Synth-pop, New Wave

Simple Minds ‎– Sparkle In The Rain
Virgin ‎– 205 913– V 2300– 205 913/97 468, LP Europe 1984 VG+/VG
40kr Alternative Rock, Synth-pop

Heaven 17 ‎– Penthouse And Pavement
Virgin ‎– V 2208– V2208, LP Finland 1981 VG+/VG 50kr Synth-pop

Heaven 17 ‎– The Luxury Gap
Virgin ‎– 205 337– 205 337-320, LP Europe 1983 VG+/VG 40kr 

Landscape ‎– Manhattan Boogie-Woogie
RCA ‎– RCA LP 6037‎– PL 25426 ‎– RCALP 6037, LP UK 1982 EX+/VG 
50kr Synth-pop

Adolphson-Falk ‎– Över Tid Och Rum
Air – AIRLP 1014, LP Sweden 1984 VG+/VG 50kr Synth-pop

The Human League ‎– Crash
Virgin ‎– 207 589‎– 207 589-630 LP Gatefold Europe 1986 VG+/VG 
40kr Synth-pop

Simple Minds ‎– Real Life
Virgin ‎– V 2660– 211 393, LP Europe 1991 VG+/VG+ 40kr Synth-pop

Spandau Ballet ‎– Journeys To Glory
Chrysalis ‎– CHR 1331‎– 203 428-320, LP Scandinavia 1981 VG+/VG 40kr
New Wave, Synth-pop

Ian Dury & The Blockheads‎– Do It Yourself
Stiff Records ‎– SEEZ 14, LP Scandinavia 1979 EX+/VG* soc 50kr 
New Wave, Pop Rock, Disco

Simple Minds ‎– New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
Virgin ‎– V 2230, LP Sweden 1982 VG+/VG+ 40kr 
Synth-pop, Pop Rock

Icehouse ‎– Primitive Man
Chrysalis ‎– CHR 1390, LP Sweden 1982 EX+/VG+ 50kr Synth-pop

ABC ‎– The Lexicon Of Love
Vertigo ‎– 6359 099, LP Germany 1983 VG+/VG* soc 40kr 
Synth-pop, Disco

Lustans Lakejer ‎– En Plats I Solen
Stranded Rekords ‎– EKO 109, LP, Sweden 1982 VG+/VG 50kr 
New Wave, Synth-pop

Dieter Falk ‎– Instrumental Journey
Myrrh ‎– MYR R 1237, LP UK 1987 VG+/VG* soc 140kr 
Electronic, Pop

Tantal ‎– Tantalized
TSM ‎– TSM 84001 ,12”-mini album Sweden 1984 VG+/VG+
140kr Synth-pop, Minimal

Gary Numan ‎– I, Assassin
Beggars Banquet ‎– BEG K 58 723,LP Scandinavia 1982 VG+/VG 100kr 
Electro, Synth-pop

The Lightning Seeds* ‎– Cloudcuckooland
Ghetto Recording Company ‎– GHETT 3, LP Scandinavia 1990 EX+/VG 180kr 
Alternative Rock, Synth-pop

Adolphson-Falk ‎– I Nattens Lugn
Air ‎– AIRLP 1018, LP Sweden 1986 VG+/VG* singerad 100kr 

The Buck Pets ‎– Mercurotones
Island Records ‎– 211 208, LP Germany 1990 EX/VG+ 70kr 
Alternative Rock

10,000 Maniacs ‎– Blind Man’s Zoo
Elektra ‎– 960 815-1‎– EKT 57, LP Europe 1989 EX/VG+ 50kr 
Folk Rock

Simple Minds ‎– Sons And Fascination
Virgin ‎– V 2207, LP Finland 1981 VG+/VG-* toc 40kr 
Alternative Rock, New Wave

Kartellen ‎– Summer In The City
AMK studio ‎– JA37DC9, 12″-maxi Sweden 1988 VG+/VG-* r w 100kr 
New Wave Pop

Michael Obst ‎– Metal Drops (Electronic Music)
Wergo ‎– SM 1043, LP Germany 1984 EX+/VG* soc 180kr 
Electronic, Experimental

French Revolution ‎– Fantasia
Virgin ‎– 208 996 LP Sweden 1988 VG+/VG+ 50kr Synth-pop

Niels Jensen – The Great Sightseeing Tour
Stranded Rekords ‎– EKO 126‎– Eko 126, LP Sweden 1984 EX/VG* soc 
60kr Synth-pop Electro, Industrial

Visitors – Attention
Virgin ‎– 208 330, LP Europe 1987 VG+/VG+ 50kr 

Visitors ‎– Two
Virgin ‎– 209 519, LP Europe 1988 EX/VG+ 50kr 

Drive – Out Freakage
First Strike Records ‎– FST020 -FST 020, LP UK 1992 EX+/VG+ 50kr
Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

The Human League ‎– Hysteria
Virgin ‎– 206 307 ‎– 97498, LP Gatefold Europe 1984 VG+/VG 40kr 

Phil Everly ‎– Phil Everly
Capitol Records ‎– 1A 064-86658, LP Netherlands 1983 EX+/VG+ 70kr 
Pop Rock

David Bowie ‎– Never Let Me Down
EMI America ‎– 2407461, LP Europe 1987 EX/VG+ SOLD

Pete Townshend ‎– Empty Glass
ATCO Records ‎– XSD 32-100, LP Canada EX/VG+ SOLD
Rock & Roll, Classic Rock

Sniff ‘n’ the Tears ‎– The Game’s Up
Chiswick Records ‎– CWK 3014, LP UK 1980 EX+/VG+ 70kr 
Pop Rock

David Lindley ‎– El Rayo-X
Asylum Records ‎– AS 52 283, LP Germany 1981 EX+/VG+ 50kr 

Pat Benatar ‎– Get Nervous
Chrysalis ‎– CHR 1396, LP Scandinavia 1982 EX/VG 60kr 
Aor, Hard Rock, New Wave

Jon English ‎– In Roads
Frituna ‎– FRLP-171, LP Sweden 1981 EX+/VG* s m 80kr Pop Rock

Jon English & The Foster Brothers ‎– Some People…
Frituna ‎– FRLP-182, LP Scandinavia 1982 EX+/VG+ 80kr Pop Rock

The Broken Jug ‎– William
Glitterhouse Records ‎– GR0664, LP Germany 1986 EX+/VG+ 80kr 
Alternative, Psych, Garage Rock

Don Henley ‎– Building The Perfect Beast
Geffen Records ‎– GEF 25939, LP Europe1984 VG+/VG* soc 50kr Pop Rock

Kirk Lorange ‎– No Apostrophe
WEA ‎– 250 212-1, LP Germany 1983 EX/VG+ 50kr Pop Rock

Gary Moore ‎– Corridors Of Power
Virgin ‎– V2245, LP UK 1982 EX+/VG+ 80kr Hard Rock

Peter Green ‎– Little Dreamer
Lotus Records ‎– LS4090, LP Scandinavia 1980 EX+/VG+ 
80kr Blues Rock

Wishbone Ash ‎– Just Testing
MCA Records ‎– MAPS 9396, LP Scandinavia 1980 EX+/VG 
80kr Blues Rock, Classic Rock

Little River Band ‎– The Net
Capitol Records,‎EMI – 1C 064-400 176, LP Europe 1983 EX+/VG+ 
60kr Pop Rock

Live Wire – No Fright
A&M Records ‎– AMLH 64814, LP Europe 1980 EX+/VG+ 
60kr Pop Rock New Wave Pub Rock

Live Wire ‎– Changes Made
A&M Records ‎-AMLH 68522, LP Europe 1981 EX+/VG+ 
70kr Pop Rock New Wave Pub Rock

Nilsson – Nilsson Schmilsson
RCA International ‎– INTS 5002– NL 13464, LP UK Released: 1980
VG+/VG* soc 140kr Classic Rock

J. Geils Band – Freeze Frame
LP Canada EMI America SOO17062 1981 VG+/VG+ SOLD

David Lynn Jones – Hard Times On Easy Street
LP Mercury 1987 Netherlands 832 518-1 EX+/VG+ 
50kr Blues & Country Rock

Glenn Shorrock – Villain Of The Peace
LP Very Good Plus VG+/VG Capitol Records 
1A0647122221 1983 Netherlands 50kr Pop, Rock

Steve Miller Band -Circle Of Love
LP Scandinavia Mercury 6302061 1983 VG+/VG 50kr Pop, Rock

Jim Page – This Movie Is For Real
LP Sweden Nacksving TR03143 1982 VG/VG-* soc 70kr Folk Rock

Eric Clapton – Money And Cigarettes
LP Scandinavia Warner Bros. Records 9237731 1983 
VG+/VG* w e SOLD

Hoodoo Gurus ‎– Blow Your Cool!
Elektra ‎– 9 60728-1, LP US 1987 
EX+/VG+ small cut 60kr Indie Rock

Gyllene Tider ‎– Moderna Tider
Parlophone ‎– 7C 062-35825,LP Sweden 
1981 VG+* surface 40kr /VG-toc Pop Rock

Per Gessle ‎– Per Gessle
Parlophone ‎– 7C 062-35995, LP Scandinavia 
1983 EX/VG+ 70kr Rock, Pop

Dag Vag ‎– Blöt Dröm
Ball ‎– bas 4, 12″ Sweden 1981 
VG+/VG+ 40kr Pop Rock, Prog Rock

Dag Vag ‎– 7 Lyckliga Elefanter
Silence – SRS 4676, srs 4676, LP Sweden 1982 VG+/VG-* r w 
50kr Alternative Rock Reggae/Dub Prog Rock

Lasse Tennander & Yngve Frejs Ork. ‎– Konsten Att Hålla Balansen
Sonet ‎– SLP-2707, LP Sweden 1982 VG+/VG* soc 40kr Rock

Pugh Rogefeldt ‎– Face Pugh Rogefeldt
EMI ‎– 1361101, LP Sweden 1983 
EX/VG* w e 70kr Pop Rock, Classic Rock

Ted Ström ‎– När Natten Vänder
Frituna ‎– FRLP-229, LP Sweden 
1987 EX+/VG 50kr Rock, Pop

Totte Wallin ‎– Kanotsyndromet
Metronome ‎– MLP 15.664, LP Sweden 1980 
VG+/VG* w e 40kr Pop Rock, Prog Rock

Magnum Bonum ‎– Färghållarelorglar
Mercury ‎– 6362 087, LP Sweden 1981 
VG+* surface/ VG-soc 40kr Pop Rock

Magnum Bonum ‎– Fredlös
Europa Film Records ‎– ELP 5005, LP 
Sweden 1982 VG+/ VG+ 70kr Rock, Pop

Wilmer X ‎– Teknikens Under
Hi Fidelity ‎– 7903111, LP Sweden 
1988 VG+/VG+ 60kr Rock

Julie Felix ‎– Colours In The Rain 
Scranta ‎– SALP 1023, LP Sweden 1980 
VG+VG 100kr Folk Rock, Pop Rock

Magnum Bonum ‎– Hits
MERCURY ‎– 6362 112, LP Comp. Sweden 
1982 EX+/VG+ 120kr Pop, Rock

Mountain ‎– Go For Your Life
Scotti Bros. Records ‎– 260.14.032, 
LP Germany1985 EX/VG+SOLD

The Mission ‎– Gods Own Medicine
Mercury ‎– 830 603-1, LP Europe 1986
EX+/VG+ 100kr Goth Rock, Hard Rock

Charta 77 ‎– Another Brick In The Wall
Rainbow Music ‎– RMAX 3015 12″-maxi 
Sweden 1990 EX/VG+ 180kr Punk

Reeperbahn ‎– Venuspassagen
Mercury ‎– 6362 084, LP Sweden 1981 
VG+/VG 100kr Alternative Rock, New Wave

Pat Benatar ‎– Wide Awake In Dreamland
Chrysalis ‎– OV 41628, LP US 1988 
EX+/VG* punch hole 50kr Hard Rock, AOR

Bon Jovi ‎– New Jersey
Mercury ‎– 836 345-1, LP US 
1988 EX/VG-toc 80kr Rock

Debbie Harry ‎– KooKoo
Chrysalis ‎– CHR 1347, LP Scandinavia 1981 
VG+/VG* w e 50kr Pop Rock, Funk, Disco

Chuck Berry ‎– Hail! Hail! Rock ‘N’ Roll Org. Motion Picture Soundtrack
MCA Records ‎– MCA-6217, LP Canada 1987 
EX+/VG+ 80kr Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues

Wilmer X ‎– Teknikens Under
Hi Fidelity ‎– 7903111, LP Sweden 
1988 VG+/VG+ 60kr Rock

Julie Felix ‎– Colours In The Rain 
Scranta ‎– SALP 1023, LP Sweden 1980 
VG+VG 100kr Folk Rock, Pop Rock

Magnum Bonum ‎– Hits
MERCURY ‎– 6362 112, LP Comp. Sweden 
1982 EX+/VG+ 120kr Pop, Rock

The Mission ‎– Gods Own Medicine
Mercury ‎– 830 603-1, LP Europe 1986
EX+/VG+ 100kr Goth Rock, Hard Rock

Pat Benatar ‎– Wide Awake In Dreamland
Chrysalis ‎– OV 41628, LP US 1988 
EX+/VG* punch hole 50kr Hard Rock, AOR

Bon Jovi ‎– New Jersey
Mercury ‎– 836 345-1, LP US 
1988 EX/VG-toc 80kr Rock

Debbie Harry ‎– KooKoo
Chrysalis ‎– CHR 1347, LP Scandinavia 1981 
VG+/VG* w e 50kr Pop Rock, Funk, Disco

Chuck Berry ‎– Hail! Hail! Rock ‘N’ Roll Org. Motion Picture Soundtrack
MCA Records ‎– MCA-6217, LP Canada 1987 
EX+/VG+ 80kr Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues

The Cult ‎– Sonic Temple
Virgin ‎– 209 779-630‎– 209 779, 209 779-8, Beggars Banquet ‎– BEGA 98
LP Europe 1989 VG+/VG+ 160kr Hard Rock, Alternative Rock

The Cult ‎– Electric
Beggars Banquet ‎– BEGA 80, LP Gatefold UK 1987
VG+/VG+ 140kr Alternative Rock, Hard Rock

Mental As Anything – Mouth To Mouth
EU Ex+/VG-* soc 40 kr

Joan Jett And The Blackhearts‎– Good Music
Polydor ‎– 833 078-1, LP Netherlands 
1987 EX/VG-* w e 120kr

Lindsey Buckingham ‎– Go Insane
Mercury ‎– 822 450-1, LP Netherlands 1984 VG+/VG-* w e 40kr Pop Rock

Bruce Foxton ‎– Touch Sensitive
Arista ‎– 206 251-320, LP Germany 1984 EX+/VG-SOLD

Björn Afzelius & Globetrotters ‎– Exil
Transmission, ‎Nacksving – TR 031-54, LP Sweden 1984 VG+/VG-* we 40kr Prog Rock

John Norum ‎– Total Control
CBS ‎– CBS 460203 1 LP, Scandinavia 1987 EX/VG 55kr Hard Rock, Classic Rock

Willie And David ‎– Willie And David
Pronit ‎– PLP 0062, LP Comp.Poland EX+/VG+ 60kr Country Rock

Albert Lee ‎– Albert Lee
Polydor ‎– SPELP 29, 2383 640 LP UK EX+/VG Blues- Country Rock

Lars Hollmer ‎– 12 Sibiriska Cyklar. Alternativkommersiella Snickarlåtar – XII CИБИРИСКА СУКЛАР
Label: Silence – SRS 4670, LP Sweden 1981 EX/VG+ 140kr 
Avantgarde, Prog Rock

Peter Gabriel ‎– Birdy
Charisma ‎– CAS 1167, LP UK 1985 EX+/VG 80kr Soundtrack, Art Rock

Various ‎– Original Soundtrack Of The Paramount Motion Picture Footloose
CBS ‎– 70246, LP Europe 1984 EX/VG+ 40kr 
Soundtrack, Rock & Roll, Pop Rock

CV Jørgensen* ‎– Tidens Tern
Medley Records ‎– MDLP 6040, LP Denmark 1980 EX+/VG 50kr Pop Rock

Donald Fagen ‎– The Nightfly
Warner Bros. Records ‎– 92.3696-1, W 3696, LP Germany 1982 
VG+/VG 100kr Pop Rock

Roxy Music ‎– Avalon
EG ‎– 2311 154, –Polydor ‎ 2311 154.2311.154, LP Scandinavia 1982
EX/VG+ 50kr Pop Rock, Art Rock

Roxy Music ‎– The Atlantic Years 1973 – 1980
Label: EG, ‎Polydor– 815 849-1, LP, Comp. Germany 1983 EX/VG+ 40kr Pop Rock, Glam

Mark Knopfler ‎– Cal
Vertigo ‎– 822 769-1 LP Netherlands 1984 EX+/VG* s m 50kr 
Soundtrack, Folk, Rock

Various ‎– Risky Business
Virgin ‎– OVED240, LP, Comp.UK 1989 EX+/VG 180kr 
Soundtrack, Blues Rock, Classic Rock Etc.

Pretenders ‎– Pretenders 
Real Records -RAL 3 LP, Sweden 1980 VG+/VG* s m 40 kr Alternative Rock

The Rolling Stones ‎– Still Life (American Concert 1981)
Rolling Stones Records ‎– 1A 064-64804 LP, Gatefold Europe 1982
EX/VG 60kr Pop Rock

Rick Springfield ‎– Rick Springfield’s Greatest Hits
US Comp. LP VG+/VG+ 180kr Pop, Rock

Paul McCartney ‎– Снова в СССР
USSR 1989 LP EX+/VG* r w, woc 60kr Rock & Roll

John Kay & Steppenwolf ‎– Rock & Roll Rebels
US 1987 LP VG+/VG+ 60kr Rock

Mr. Mister ‎– Welcome To The Real World
UK & Europe 1985 LP EX+/VG+ 40kr Pop Rock

Slade ‎– That’s What Friends Are For
Europe 1987 12” EX+/VG+ 60kr Classic Rock, Glam

The Kinks ‎– Give The People What They Want
Scandinavia VG+/VG-* soc 80kr Pop Rock

Hank Williams, Jr. ‎– Hank Live
Canada VG+/VG+* in shrink 60kr Country, Country Rock

Hank Williams, Jr. ‎– Hank Williams, Jr.’s Greatest Hits
US Comp. VG+/VG* cut-out! 80kr Country, Country Rock

John Fogerty ‎– Eye Of The Zombie
Europe VG+/ VG* soc 40kr Rock, Classic Rock

Falco ‎– Rock Me Amadeus
Denmark VG+/VG 50kr12”

Phil Collins ‎– In The Air Tonight (88′ Remix) And 
(Extended Version) UK EX+/VG+ 70kr 12 ”

Sandelin & Ekman ‎– 10
Europe EX+/VG* soc 40kr 12 ”

Adolphson-Falk ‎– 81-87
SWE Comp. VG+/VG* w e 60kr

Secret Service ‎– Cutting Corners
SWE VG+/VG *soc 75kr

Kylie Minogue ‎– Kylie
US EX+/VG*cut-out , soc 50kr

Adam And The Ants ‎– Kings Of The Wild Frontier
Europe EX+/VG+ 45kr

Freeez ‎– Gonna Get You
Europe EX/VG 45kr Boogie, Electro

Milli Vanilli ‎– All Or Nothing (The U.S. Remix Album)
Scandinavia EX/VG+ 45 kr Pop, Rap

The Blow Monkeys ‎– She Was Only A Grocer’s Daughter
US VG+/VG* cut-out 40kr Synth-pop, Disco

The Blow Monkeys ‎– Choices – The Singles Collection
Germany Comp. EX+/VG+ 45kr House, Synth-pop

Howard Jones ‎– Human’s Lib
Germany EX+/VG 40 kr Synth-pop

Howard Jones ‎– The 12″ Album
UK EX+/VG+ 50kr

Howard Jones ‎– Dream Into Action 
Europe VG+/VG-* s m Synth-pop

Howard Jones ‎– One To One
Europe EX+/VG* soc 40kr Synth-pop

Claire Hamill ‎– Touchpaper
Scandinavia VG+/VG* soc 40kr Contemporary, Synth-pop

Midge Ure ‎– Answers To Nothing
SWE EX+/VG+ 55kr New Wave, Synth-pop

Monsoon ‎– Third Eye
Netherlands VG+/VG 80kr Electronic, Downtempo

Fun Boy Three ‎– Waiting
SWE VG+/VG* w e 40kr Synth-pop

Dollie De Luxe ‎– Rock Vs. Opera
Europe EX/VG 80kr Europop

John Foxx ‎– The Golden Section
SWE VG+/VG* s m 45kr New Wave, Synth-pop

Toni Basil ‎– Word Of Mouth
Scandinavia VG+/VG 40kr Synth-pop

Toto Coelo ‎– Man O’ War
Scandinavia VG+/VG* soc 60kr Synth-pop, Disco

Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‎– Liverpool
Scandinavia VG+/VG 40kr Synth-pop

Nik Kershaw ‎– The Riddle
Europe VG+/VG 40kr Synth-pop

Modern Romance ‎– Adventures In Clubland
Scandinavia VG+/VG+ 90kr Latin, Funk, Disco

Kid Creole And The Coconuts ‎– Fresh Fruit In Foreign Places
Portugal VG+/VG+ in shrink 60kr Latin, Disco

Taco ‎– Puttin’ On The Ritz!
SWE VG+/VG* soc 40kr Disco

Spagna ‎– Dedicated To The Moon
Europe EX/VG+ 40kr Disco

Debbie Harry ‎– Rockbird
Scandinavia EX/VG 80 kr Synth-pop

Breakfast Club ‎– Breakfast Club
Canada VG+/VG* drill hole 40kr Synth-pop

Duran Duran- Seven And The Ragged Tiger
EU EX+/VG 40 kr

Duran Duran ‎– Arena
Europe Gatefold VG+/VG+ 40kr

Duran Duran ‎– Notorious
Europe EX+/VG* soc 50kr

Animal Nightlife ‎– Shangri-La
UK VG+/VG 40kr Acid Jazz

a-ha ‎– Scoundrel Days
US EX/VG* cut-out,r w 50kr Synth-pop

a-ha ‎– Hunting High And Low
UK & Europe EX+/VG+ 60kr

a-ha ‎– Touchy! (Go-Go Mix)
Europe EX+/VG+ 50kr 12 ”

a-ha ‎– I’ve Been Losing You
Europe EX+/Generic 40kr 12

The Communards ‎– Red
Europe VG+/VG* w e 40kr Synth-pop

The Communards ‎– You Are My World (New York 87 Remix) 12”
Canada EX+/VG+ 50 kr

Wang Chung ‎– Mosaic
UK & Europe EX+/VG 40 kr Synth-pop

Wang Chung ‎– Points On The Curve
Spain EX+/VG 90 kr Synth-pop

Laurie Anderson ‎– Big Science
Europe EX+/VG 100kr HOLD Art Rock, Experimental

Laurie Anderson ‎– Home Of The Brave
Europe EX+/VG* w e 40kr Art Rock, Soundtrack Avantgarde

Dive – Where The River Turns To Sea
Scandinavia EX+/VG+ 80 kr Synth-pop, Ambient

Scritti Politti ‎– Provision
Europe EX+/VG 40kr Synth-pop

Limahl ‎– Don’t Suppose…
Europe VG+/VG+ 40kr Synth-pop

Cyndi Lauper ‎– A Night To Remember
Europe EX/VG+ 50kr Synth-pop

Adam And The Ants ‎– Kings Of The Wild Frontier
Europe EX+/VG* woc, w e 40kr New Wave

Spear Of Destiny ‎– Outland
Germany VG+/VG 40kr New Wave

The Cars ‎– Shake It Up
Germany EX+/VG-* w e 45kr New Wave

The Cars ‎– Heartbeat City
Europe EX/VG’ soc 40kr

Depeche Mode ‎–Some Great Reward 
Scandinavia EX+/Vg* woc SOLD

Depeche Mode ‎– 101
Scandinavia 2 x LP Envelope Sleeve 
VG+/EX/VG+ Booklet 320 kr

Erasure ‎– Wonderland
Scandinavia EX+/VG+ 100kr Synth-pop

Erasure ‎– The Innocents
Scandinavia EX+/VG+ 60kr Synth-pop

Erasure ‎– Wild!
Scandinavia EX/VG* w e 50kr Synth-pop

Erasure ‎– The Circus
Scandinavia die-cut EX+/VG+ 70kr synth-pop

Pet Shop Boys ‎– Please
Europe EX+/VG* woc 90kr

Pet Shop Boys ‎– Actually
France EX/VG+ Synth-pop

Pet Shop Boys ‎– Introspective
Europe VG+/VG 55 kr

Pet Shop Boys ‎– Behaviour
EU VG+/VG+ 100 kr

Pet Shop Boys ‎– Discography (The Complete Singles Collection)
Europe Comp. EX/EX+/VG* s m 350kr

Pet Shop Boys ‎– It’s A Sin (Remix)
UK EX/VG+ 60 kr 12”

Pet Shop Boys ‎– So Hard
Germany EX+/VG+ 50kr 12 ”

Pet Shop Boys ‎– Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You) / How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?
UK EX+/VG 50kr 12”

Pet Shop Boys ‎– Psychological (Ewan Pearson Remix)
UK EX+/Generic 75kr 12”

Pet Shop Boys ‎– Fundamentalism (Part 1)
UK EX+/Generic 100kr 12”

New Order ‎– Low-Life
Scandinavia VG+/VG* woc, soc HOLD  kr Synth-pop, Indie Rock

Thompson Twins ‎– Here’s To Future Days
Europe EX/VG* woc 40kr Synth-pop

Thompson Twins ‎– Into The Gap
Scandinavia EX+/ VG* woc 40kr Synth-pop

Jason Donovan ‎– Ten Good Reasons
Scandinavia EX+/VG+ 50kr Synth-pop

Indochine ‎– Le Péril Jaune

Indochine ‎– 3 
Sweden VG+/VG* woc 75kr New Wave, Synth-pop

Colourbox ‎– Colourbox 
Europe EX+/VG-* s m 40kr Synth-pop

Prince ‎– Dirty Mind
EU EX+/VG+ 180 kr

Prince ‎– Controversy
UK & EU EX+/VG+ 140 kr

Prince And The Revolution ‎– Around The World In A Day
UK & EU EX+/VG+ 120 kr

Prince & The New Power Generation ‎– Diamonds And Pearls
EU 2 x LP EX+-EX+/ VG 350 kr

Prince ‎– Batman™ (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Prince And The Revolution ‎– Purple Rain
Europe VG+/VG* w e 90kr

Prince ‎– Graffiti Bridge
UK & Europe EX+-EX+/VG+ 120kr

Chaka Khan ‎– I Feel For You
Canada EX+/VG’ woc 45kr Electronic, Funk/Soul

Dollar ‎– The Dollar Album
UK VG+/VG 40kr Synth-pop

Robert Palmer ‎– Pride 
Scandinavia VG+/VG 40kr Synth-pop

Robert Palmer ‎– Addictions Volume I
Germany EX+/VG+

Laura Branigan ‎– Branigan
Europe EX+/VG+ 60kr

Laura Branigan ‎– Branigan 2
Scandinavia EX+/VG+ 80kr Disco

Laura Branigan ‎– Self Control
Europe EX/VG 50kr Synt-pop, Italo Disco

Laura Branigan ‎– Hold Me
Europe VG+/VG 40kr Europop

Laura Branigan ‎– Touch
Europe EX+/VG+ 60kr

Laura Branigan ‎– Laura Branigan
Germany EX+/VG+ 60kr Synth-pop

Laura Branigan ‎– Spanish Eddie
Germany EX+/VG 40 kr 12 ”

John Ballard ‎– Rendez-Vous
SWE VG+/VG 50kr Disco Pop, Rock

Clabbe ‎– Starlight
SWE EX/VG+ 60kr Pop Rock,

Falco Meets Brigitte Nielsen ‎– Body Next To Body
Germany 12” EX+/VG+ 40kr Pop, Rock

Rupert Hine ‎– Immunity
EU VG+/VG* w e 45 kr Electronic Experimentell

Rupert Hine ‎– Waving Not Drowning
Europe EX/VG-* toc 40kr Synth-pop

Kim Wilde ‎– Kim Wilde
SWE EX/VG 50kr Synth-pop

Kim Wilde ‎– Select
Europe EX+/VG+ soc 45kr

Kim Wilde ‎– Catch As Catch Can
Europe EX/VG+ 40kr Synth-pop

Kim Wilde ‎– Teases & Dares
Europe VG+/VG 40kr Synth-pop Hi NRG

Kim Wilde ‎– Another Step
US EX+/VG* cut-out 40kr Synth-pop

Kim Wilde ‎– Close
Europe VG+/VG+ 40kr Synth-pop

Kim Wilde ‎– Love Moves
Europe EX+/VG+ 40kr Synth-pop

Sandra ‎– The Long Play
Europe EX/VG+ 60kr Synth-pop

Sandra ‎– Mirrors
Europe EX/VG+ 60kr Synth-pop

Climie Fisher ‎– Coming In For The Kill
Europe EX+/VG*soc 40kr Synth-pop

Ultravox ‎– Vienna
SWE VG+/VG+ 50kr New Wave, Synth-pop

Ultravox- Rage In Eden 
Scandinavia VG+/VG+ 40kr New Wave, Synth-pop

Ultravox ‎– Quartet
Scandinavia EX/VG 40kr New Wave, Synth-pop

Johan Lindell ‎– Från Andra Sidan
SWE VG+/VG+ 70kr

Johan Lindell ‎– Passageraren
SWE VG+/VG* soc 80kr New Wave

Flash & The Pan – Headlines 
Scandinavia VG+/VG-* w e, soc 40kr New Wave

Flash And The Pan ‎– Early Morning Wake Up Call
Europe EX+/VG 45kr New Wave

Flash And The Pan ‎– Lights In The Night
Canada EX+/VG 45kr New Wave

Eurythmics ‎– Revenge
UK & Europe EX/VG+ 40kr Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Eurythmics ‎– We Too Are One
UK & Europe EX/VG+ 40kr Synth-pop

Eurythmics ‎– Greatest Hits
UK & Europe EX+/VG+ 100kr

Eurythmics ‎– Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty · Four)
Europe VG+/VG-* w e 40 kr 12”

Dave Stewart And The Spiritual Cowboys ‎– 
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual Cowboys
Germnny EX/VG* s m 40kr

Berlin ‎– Count Three & Pray
US EX+/VG* soc 40kr Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Level 42 ‎– True Colours
UK EX/VG* soc 40kr Pop Rock, Jazz Funk

Level 42 ‎– Lessons In Love
US EX+/VG* r w 60 kr 12”

Simply Red ‎– Picture Book
UK & Europe EX+/VG+ 40kr R & B, Soul, Ballad

Grace Jones ‎– Living My Life
Scandinavia VG+/VG+ 40kr ‘

Madonna ‎– True Blue 
Canada VG+/VG+ 40kr Synth-pop

Madonna ‎– Like A Prayer
UK & Europe VG+/VG* soc 40kr

Madonna ‎– You Can Dance
US EX+/VG 75 kr

Madonna ‎– I’m Breathless 
(Music From And Inspired By The Film Dick Tracy)
Europe EX+/VG+ 50kr Soundtrack

Roxette ‎– Joyride (Magicfriendmix 12″)
SWE 12” EX+/VG 80kr Pop,Rock

Tomas Ledin ‎– En Samlingsmix 1990
SWE 12” EX+/VG* soc 40kr Pop Rock, Europop, Euro House

Humpe Humpe ‎– Humpe · Humpe
WEA ‎– 240 635-1, LP Germany 1985 EX+/VG* soc 40kr Synth-pop

David Bowie ‎– Let’s Dance
EMI America ‎– 1C 064-400 165 ‎– 400165, LP Europe 1983 75kr 
Pop Rock, New Wave

Bolter ‎– Hollywood
Wifon ‎– LP 115, LP Poland 1987 EX+/VG* w e 80kr Synth-pop

ABC ‎– Beauty Stab
Mercury ‎– 814 661-1, LP Netherlands 1983 EX+/VG* s m 40kr 
New Wave, Synth-pop

Howard Devoto ‎– Rainy Season
Virgin ‎– VS 598-12, 12″ UK 1983 EX+/VG+ 40kr New Wave, Indie

Simple Minds ‎– Once Upon A Time
Virgin ‎– 207 360, 207 360-630, 207 360-8, LP Europe 1985 
VG+/VG* soc 40kr New Wave, Synth-pop

Ratata ‎– Äventyr
SWE VG+/VG* w e 50kr Synth-pop

Pet Shop Boys ‎– Introspective
Europe VG+/VG 50kr House, Synth-pop

Eurythmics ‎– Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
RCA Victor ‎– PL 25447 LP Germany 1983 EX/VG Synth-pop

Roxette ‎– Look Sharp!
Parlophone,EMI ‎ ‎– 7910981 LP Sweden 1988 VG+/VG+ 60kr 
Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Eurythmics ‎– Touch
RCA ‎– PL70109, RCA ‎LP, UK & Europe 1983 EX+/VG* soc 45kr 
New Wave, Synth-pop

The Stranglers ‎– Let Me Down Easy
UK & Ireland 12” EX+/VG+ 40kr New Wave, Alternative Rock

Inspiral Carpets ‎– Caravan (Remix)
UK 1991 12” Ltd. VG+/Generic 30kr Acid House

Ratata ‎– Ratata
SWE 1982 LP VG+/VG-* s m 40kr Synth-pop

a-ha ‎– Take On Me (Extended Version)
Europe 12” EX/VG* r w 60kr Synth-pop

Madonna ‎– Madonna
Canada VG+/VG+ HOLD

Samantha Fox ‎– Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)
UK 12” Picture EX+/Plastic 80kr Synth-pop, Disco Cult

Various ‎– Ghostbusters – Original Soundtrack Album
Scandinavia EX/VG* 60kr Soundtrack Cult

The Farm ‎– Spartacus
Germany EX+/VG+ 80kr 
Acid House, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

Phoenix ‎– Long Distance Call
Europe 12” EX+/VG Electronic Rock

Various ‎– Electric Dreams 
(Original Soundtrack From The Film)
Europe VG+/VG+ 40kr Soundtrack

Microstoria ‎– Reprovisers
US 12” EX/VG+ 50kr Electronic -IDM, Experimental

Spacelab ‎– Space Is Big, Man Is Small
SWE EX+/VG+ 500kr Synth-pop, Ambient

Bob Geldof ‎– Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere
US EX+/VG* cut-hole 40kr Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Tracey Ullman ‎– You Caught Me Out
Scandinavia EX+/VG+ 50kr 
Rock & Roll, Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Dead Or Alive ‎– Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know
Europe Gatefold EX+/VG+ 50 kr Synth-pop

Dead Or Alive ‎– Youthquake
Europe Ex+/VG+ 70kr Synth-pop

Banderas ‎– Ripe
Europe EX/VG+ 40kr Downtempo, Synth-pop

Walk On Water ‎– Walk On Water
Scandinavia EX+/VG+ 70kr Downtempo, Synth-pop

Swing Out Sister ‎– It’s Better To Travel
US VG+/VG-* w e 40kr Synth-pop

KajaGooGoo ‎– White Feathers
Netherlands EX+/VG+ 50kr Synth-pop

Tears For Fears ‎– Songs From The Big Chair
Europe EX+/VG+ 80kr Synth-pop

Tears For Fears ‎– The Seeds Of Love
EU EX+/VG+ 100kr

Slick – First Touch
Scandinavia EX/VG+ 100kr New Wave

Perfect Zebras ‎– Mixing With Wildlife
Scandinavia EX+/VG* w e 70kr New Wave

Daley / Lorien ‎– Architects Of Time
UK EX+/VG+ 70kr Electronic New Age

Cock Robin ‎– After Here Through Midland
Europe EX+/VG+ 40kr Synth-pop

Cock Robin ‎– Cock Robin
Europe VG+/VG+ 40kr

Bangles ‎– Different Light
Europe EX/VG+ 40kr

Simple Minds ‎– Street Fighting Years
Europe Gatefold VG+/VG+ 40kr Pop, Rock

Billy Idol ‎– Charmed Life
Sweden EX/VG+ 50kr

Billy Idol- Vital Idol 
Scandinavia VG+/VG* w e 60kr

Billy Idol- Billy Idol 
Sweden EX+VG 55kr

Billy Idol ‎– Whiplash Smile
Scandinavia EX+/VG+ 60kr

Ola Magnell ‎– Onkel Knut
SWE EX/VG* soc 60kr Pop,Rock

Gyllene Tider ‎– Gyllene Tider
SWE VG+/VG* soc 50kr Pop,Rock

Tomas Ledin ‎– En Samlingsmix 1990
SWE 12” EX+/VG* soc 40kr Pop Rock, Europop, Euro House

Magnus Uggla ‎– Fula Gubbar
Scandinavia 12”EX+/VG+ 80kr

Magnus Uggla ‎– Jag Mår Illa 
Sweden 12” EX/VG* soc 50kr

Various ‎– Svenska Klassiker 1970-1979
SWE 2 x LP Comp. EX+-EX+/VG+ 80kr

Factory ‎– II
SWE EX/VG* w e 40kr Pop, Rock

Eva Dahlgren ‎– Fria Världen 1.989
SWE EX/VG* w e 40kr Pop, Rock

Monica Törnell ‎– Mica
SWE VG+/VG 40kr Pop, Rock

Susanne Alfvengren ‎– Tidens Hjul
SWE VG+/VG* w e 40kr Pop, Rock

Peter Lundblad ‎– Ta Mej Till Havet
SWE VG+/VG*soc 40kr Pop

Robert Broberg ‎– Raket
SWE EX+/VG*soc 50kr 
Blues Rock, , Rock & Roll, Experimental

Robert Broberg ‎– Robert Broberg’s Höjdare
SWE 2 x LP Comp. EX-EX+/VG 120kr 
Blues Rock, , Rock & Roll, Experimental

Peter LeMarc ‎– Välkommen Hem!
SWE Comp. Gatefold EX+/VG* soc 50kr Rock, Pop

The Pretenders ‎– Get Close
Canada VG+/VG 40kr Rock & Roll, Pop Rock

The Pretenders ‎– Learning To Crawl
Scandinavia VG+/VG* soc 40kr Alternative Rock

Big Country ‎– Peace In Our Time
US Gatefold EX/VG-* cut-out 40kr Alternative Rock

The Alarm ‎– Electric Folklore Live
Europe VG+/VG+ SOLD

The Housemartins ‎– London 0 Hull 4
Europe EX/VG 50kr Indie Rock

Suzanne Vega ‎– Suzanne Vega
Germany EX/VG+ 40kr Indie Rock

INXS ‎– Kick
UK Gatefold VG+/VG+ 75kr Pop, Rock, Indie

Europe Gatefold EX+/VG+ 60kr

John Farnham ‎– Whispering Jack
Europe VG+/VG 40kr Pop Rock

Level 42 ‎– True Colours
UK EX/VG* soc 40kr Pop Rock, Jazz Funk

Level 42 ‎– Lessons In Love
US EX+/VG* r w 60 kr 12”

Simply Red ‎– Picture Book
UK & Europe EX+/VG+ 40kr R & B, Soul, Ballad

Paul McCartney ‎– Give My Regards To Broad Street
Europe Gatefold EX+/VG*soc 60kr Soundtrack

Bob Geldof ‎– Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere
US EX+/VG* cut-hole 40kr Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Tracey Ullman ‎– You Caught Me Out
Scandinavia EX+/VG+ 50kr 
Rock & Roll, Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Kim Larsen ‎– 451023-0637
SWE EX+/VG* soc 50kr Rock

Kim Larsen ‎– Jungle Dreams
Scandinavia EX+/VG 60 kr

Kim Larsen & Bellami ‎– Kielgasten
Denmark EX+/VG+* soc 45kr

Julian Lennon ‎– Help Yourself
Europe EX/VG+ SOLD

Elton John ‎– Live In Australia 
(With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)
Europe EX+-EX+/VG+ 90kr

Elton John ‎– Sleeping With The Past
Europe EX/VG+ 40kr Pop, Rock

Chicago‎– The Heart Of Chicago
Europe Comp. EX+/VG+ 80kr

Chicago ‎– Greatest Hits, Volume II
Netherlands Comp. VG+/VG+ 50kr

Chicago – If You Leave Me Now
Europe Comp. EX+/VG+ 50kr

Richard Marx ‎– Right Here Waiting
Europe EX+/VG+ 12” 75kr

Tommy Nilsson ‎– Follow The Road…
SWE EX+/VG* soc 40kr

Tommy Nilsson ‎– It!
Scandinavia EX+/VG* soc 50kr

Magnus Uggla ‎– Allting Som Ni Gör Kan Jag Göra Bättre
SWE EX/VG* soc 40kr Pop,Rock

Magnus Uggla- 35 Åringen 
SWE VG+/VG* soc 40kr Pop,Rock

Di Leva ‎– Rymdblomma
SWE EX+/VG+ 50kr Pop, Rock

Joan Armatrading ‎– Walk Under Ladders
Europe EX/VG* r w 40 kr Pop Rock Soul

Starship ‎– Knee Deep In The Hoopla
Europe VG+/VG 40kr

Paul McCartney ‎– Press To Play
Europe Gatefold EX/VG+ 50kr

Cock Robin ‎– Cock Robin
Europe VG+/VG+ 40kr

Bangles ‎– Different Light
Europe EX/VG+ 40kr

Simple Minds ‎– Street Fighting Years
Europe Gatefold VG+/VG+ 40kr Pop, Rock

Lou Gramm ‎– Ready Or Not
US EX/VG* cut out, in shrink 50kr

Billy Idol ‎– Charmed Life
Sweden EX/VG+ 50kr

Billy Idol- Vital Idol 
Scandinavia VG+/VG* w e 60kr

Billy Idol- Billy Idol 
Sweden EX+VG 55kr

Billy Idol ‎– Whiplash Smile
Scandinavia EX+/VG+ 60kr

Night ‎– Long Distance
UK EX+/VG* w e 60kr Pop Rock

Dragon ‎– Body And The Beat
Germany EX+/VG* soc 50kr Pop, Rock

The Korgis ‎– Dumb Waiters
Scandinavia EX+/VG* r w 70kr Pop Rock Synth-pop

Genesis ‎– Invisible Touch
Europe Embossed EX/VG* soc 50kr

Andy Summers ‎– XYZ
europe EX+/VG* w e 45kr

Aztec Camera ‎– Knife
Germany EX/VG* soc 40kr Indie Rock

Roger Daltrey ‎– Can’t Wait To See The Movie
US EX+/VG* cut out 40kr

Roger Daltrey ‎– Parting Should Be Painless
US EX/Vg-* corner cut! 40kr Pop Rock, Art Rock

Peter Hammill ‎– The Love Songs
Netherlands EX+/VG* s m 90 kr Art Rock, Prog Rock

Santana ‎– Beyond Appearances
Europe EX+/VG+ 60kr Rock, Blues Rock

P.E.D. ‎– Post Ejaculation Depression
US Yellow Translucent EX/VG* cut-out 80kr Punk Rock

The Colour Field ‎– Virgins And Philistines
Europe EX+/VG+ 50kr Alternative Rock

The Outfield ‎– Play Deep
Europe EX+/VG+ 90 kr

The Outfield ‎– Voices Of Babylon
Europe EX+/VG+ 50kr

The Outfield ‎– Bangin’
Europe EX+/VG+ 40kr

Del Amitri ‎– Waking Hours
Europe EX+/VG+ 60k

Mr. Mister – Go On 
Europe EX+/VG* soc 40kr

Lolita Pop ‎– Att Ha Fritidsbåt

Eldkvarn ‎– Ny Klubb
Sweden EX+/VG 55kr

Björn Afzelius ‎– Riddarna Kring Runda Bordet
SWE VG+/VG+ 40kr

Midnight Oil ‎– Blue Sky Mining
Europe EX+/VG+ Alternative

Simon And Garfunkel ‎– The Concert In Central Park
Europe booklet incl. EX+-EX+/VG 70kr

The Monroes ‎– Face Another Day
Scandinavia VG+/VG+ 50kr

Billy Joel ‎– Turnstiles
Europe EX+/VG+ 45 kr

Michael Penn ‎– March
UK & Europe EX /VG+ 50kr

The Alan Parsons Project ‎– 
The Turn Of A Friendly Card
Scandinavia EX+/VG* soc 70

Laurie Anderson ‎– Big Science
Europe EX+/VG 100kr Art Rock, Experimental

Laurie Anderson ‎– Home Of The Brave
Europe EX+/VG* w e 40kr Art Rock, Soundtrack Avantgarde

Pallas – The Wedge
Europe VG+/VG* soc 60kr

REO Speedwagon ‎– Wheels Are Turnin’
Europe EX+/VG+ 40kr

Bowie‎– Rare
Italy EX/VG* w e 80kr

David Bowie- Best Of Bowie 
Scandinavia VG+/VG-* w e 60 kr

John Lennon & Yoko Ono ‎– Double Fantasy
Canada EX+/VG+ In shrink 50 kr

John Lennon ‎– The John Lennon Collection
Germany Comp. EX/VG 60kr

Joan Jett And The Blackhearts ‎– Album
Scandinavia EX+/VG 75kr

The The ‎– Infected
UK EX/VG+ 80 kr

The WaterBoys ‎– Room To Roam
Europe VG+/VG+ 60 kr

Traveling Wilburys ‎– Volume One
EU EX/VG+ 75 kr

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers ‎– Let Me Up (I’ve Had Enough)
EU EX+/VG 75kr

Neil Young ‎– Hawks & Doves
US EX+/VG 70kr

The dB’s ‎– Stands For Decibels
Scandinavia VG+/VG* soc 90 kr Power Pop

Survivor ‎– Premonition
Germany EX+/VG 75kr

Survivor ‎– Caught In The Game
Europe EX+/VG+ 50kr

Survivor ‎– When Seconds Count
Europe EX+/VG+

Sting ‎– The Dream Of The Blue Turtles
Europe EX/VG+ 40kr

The Cat’s Meow ‎– Ain’t You The Cat’s Meow
US EX/VG+ 75k

Jim Steinman ‎– Bad For Good
Europe Incl 7 inch EX+/VG 100kr

Doctor & The Medics ‎– Spirit In The Sky
UK VG+/VG+ 40kr 12 ”

Dead Can Dance ‎– Spleen And Ideal
Europe EX+/VG+ 180kr

Eagles ‎– Hotel California
UK VG+/Generic 450kr 12 inch

Heart- Brigade 
EU EX/VG+ 50 kr

Dave Edmunds ‎– The Best Of Dave Edmunds
Scandinavia EX/VG 60kr

Dave Edmunds ‎– Twangin…
Scandinavia EX

Dave Edmunds ‎– D.E.7th
Scandinavia EX+/VG 80 kr

Alannah Myles ‎– Alannah Myles
Europe EX+/VG+ 50kr

Niagara‎– Quel Enfer!
France EX+/VG+ 55kr

Fleetwood Mac- Tango In The Night

U2 ‎– The Joshua Tree
Scandinavia Gatefold VG+/VG* w e 100kr

U2 ‎– Achtung Baby
Europe EX/VG 380kr

War Dance ‎– Monkey See, Monkey Do.
Belgium EX+/VG+ 75 kr Hard Core-Punk

Bangles ‎– Walk Like An Egyptian
Europe EX+/VG+ 50kr 12 ‘

Tracy Chapman ‎– Crossroads
UK & EU EX+/VG+ 100kr

Iggy Pop ‎– Instinct
EU EX+/VG+ 70 kr

Iggy Pop ‎– Blah-Blah-Blah
Germany VG+/VG* soc 50kr

Peter Gabriel ‎– So
EU EX/VG* soc 60

Buzzcocks ‎– Libertine Angel
UK EX+/VG+ 180 kr

Sham 69 ‎– The Game 
Norway EX/VG 100 kr

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Nobody’s Heroes
SWE EX/VG+ 180kr

The Specials ‎– More Specials
Canada EX/VG+ 80 kr

Madness ‎– 7
UK VG+/VG* s m 45 kr

Bad Manners- Flogging Ahead 
EU EX+/VG 60kr

E.LO- Time 
Europe EX+/VG 50kr

Kate Bush- The Sensual World 
Europe EX/VG* soc 100kr

Yes -Big Generator 
US EX/VG* cut-out 45 kr

Dire Straits ‎– Communiqué
Scandinavia EX/VG’ soc 55 kr

Dire Straits ‎– Love Over Gold
Germany EX/VG 75kr

Dire Straits- Making Movies 
Scandinavia VG+/VG 60 kr

Dire Straits- Brothers In Arms 
Europe VG+/VG* w e 50 kr

Bruce Springsteen- Tunnel Of Love
Europe EX/VG* r w 50kr

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band- Somewhere in Africa 
Scandinavia VG+/VG* w e 40 kr

Supertramp- Famous Last words
US EX+/VG* cut-out 55 kr

Dan Reed Network -Dan Reed Network
US EX+/VG* cut -out in shrink 50 kr

Bryan Adams – Reckless 
Germany EX/VG* w e, soc 45 kr

Bryan Adams ‎– Into The Fire
Germany Incl poster EX+/VG+ 60 kr

Status Quo ‎– 1+9+8+2
Scandinavia EX+/VG+ 75kr

Rolling Stones- Steel Wheels 
Netherlands EX+/VG+ SOLD

Rolling Stones ‎– Dirty Work
Europe EX+/VG-* r w SOLD

Mick Jagger ‎– Primitive Cool
Europe EX+/VG+ 45kr

Chris Rea – Water Sign 
EU EX+/VG+ 50kr

Marianne Faithfull ‎– A Childs Adventure
Scandinavia EX+/VG+ 60kr

Adam And The Ants ‎– Kings Of The Wild Frontier
Europe EX+/VG+ 45kr

Monaco Blues Band ‎– Mud, Blood And Beer
Netherlands EX+ /VG+ 60 kr

The Fabulous Thunderbirds ‎– What’s The Word
US EX+/VG+ 60 kr

Rick Springfield -Living In OZ
Germany VG+/VG’ soc 40 kr

Gino Vannelli ‎– The Best Of Gino Vannelli
Netherlands Comp. VG+/VG* w e 50kr jazz funk rock fusion

Mike Oldfield ‎– The Complete Mike Oldfield
EU Comp 2 x LP VG+/VG+/ VG 70kr

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band ‎– Budapest (Live)
UK VG+/VG-* woc, w e 50kr

The Alan Parsons Project ‎– Ammonia Avenue
Scandinavia EX+/VG+* soc 80kr

10cc ‎– Ten Out Of 10
Scandinavia EX/VG* soc, w e 50kr

Various ‎– Streets Of Fire – 
Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
EU VG+/VG+ 60kr

Status Quo ‎– Just Supposin’…
Scandinavia EX+/VG SOLD

The Georgia Satellites ‎– Open All Night
EU EX+/VG+ 40 kr

ZZ TOP – Recycler 
EU EX+/VG+ 75kr

ZZ Top ‎– Eliminator
EU EX+/VG* w e 80 kr

The Boomtown Rats -Mondo Bongo
Netherlands EX/VG+ insert. 50 kr

Chris Isaak ‎– Wicked Game
UK & Europe EX/VG* soc 175kr

Lenny Kravitz ‎– Let Love Rule 
EU EX/VG+ 225kr