General Policies

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General policies:

1: Info & data related to your user saves in system.

2: we use goldmine standard media /cover.

3: House payment goes to through paypal.

4:It’s totally free to buy & sell using free listing package.

5:All deals are between buyer and seller. The way that you solve payment & freight is between buyer and seller.

6: Please add location of the item.

7: If you want to sell it worldwide please add a shipping price for this.

8: Its important that you have the item in the right category. So lets say that you are selling Metallica-Master of puppets then you should choose LP and heavy metal.

9: We want all titles to be in the format Artist-Record. For example Metallica-Master of puppets.

10: Its good if you add important things like NR and country of print.

11: Its ok to add links but it must be for the record you sell.

12: Please also mention in the add what kind of payment options you are ok with.

Questions About Policies Contact Us: